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1Q-lush vegetation; millions of species.

2Q-tropical; distinct wet and dry seasons.

3Q-mild winters with rain, and hot dry summers.

4Q-mild winters with rain, and cool wet summers.

5Q-mid-latitude climate close to the tropics, hot humid summers, and short mild winters.

6Q-inland, far away from the coast, cold long winters, and hot summers, the climate we live in.

7Q-ice sheets, temperatures average below freezing all year, the climate of Antarctica and Greenland.

8Q-vast, treeless plains in the high latitude (over 60 degrees N) region.

9Q-taiga region, harsh winters, but does get above freezing in the summers.

10Q-higher the elevation, colder the temperature, the climate of the Rockies.

11Q-less than 10 inches of rain a year.

12Q-surround deserts, short grasses, and dry prairies.

13Q-What factors effect climate?

14Q-What air current is responsible for big deserts?

15Q-Ocean current responsible for the climate of coastal Oregon and Washington.

16Q-Ocean current responsible for the climate of Brazilian rainforest.

17Q-Ocean current responsible for the climate of dry west coast of South America.

18Q-Ocean current responsible for the climate of southern California and northern


19Q-Ocean current responsible for the warming of western Europe.

20Q-elevation above which no trees grow.

21Q-permanently frozen layer of soil.

22Q-huge evergreen forests.

23Q-region found between 23 1/2 degrees N and 23 1/2 degrees S.

24Q-air current known for rising air.

25Q-during the rain shadow this comes off the ocean.

26Q-during the rain shadow, this is toward the bottom of the mountains.

27Q-during the rain shadow, this falls when the wet, moist air reaches land.

28Q-during the rain shadow this area gets little to no rain because of the mountains.


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1Q-lush vegetation; millions of species. 1A-Tropical Rainforest

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