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1Q-At one tile, this was the best trade route between Europe and Asia_____.

2Q-Two European items traded on the Silk Road_____.

3Q-Two Asian items traded on the Silk Road______.

4Q-Radical Muslim group that took over Afghanistan after a war with the Soviet Union______.

5Q-The Taliban's leaders took over most of Afghanistan, including its capital which is______.

6Q-Main religion in Central Asia______.

7Q-Some people practice this religion in Central Asia with most of them belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church______.

8Q-Tajikistan still relies mainly on this for much of its income_____.

9Q-A large landmass that is smaller than a continent______.

10Q-Amount of people living in India today______.

11Q-Three biggest cities in India______.

12Q-Most common religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

13Q-Dominate religion in Nepal_____.

14Q-Most people in Bhutan and Sri Lanka follow this religion_____.

15Q-Both Hindus and Buddhists share the idea of this or rebirth______.

16Q-Two peninsulas that make up Southeast Asia_____.

17Q-Southeast Asia's main crop______.

18Q-Rice is grown on fertile slopes along rivers and on these shelves of of land_____.

19Q-Cambodia's capital____.

20Q-Phnom Penh lies on this river____.

21Q-A tiny island on the tip of the Malay peninsula_____.

22Q-Singapore lies on a major_____.

23Q-A few of the many inventions we have to thank China for are____.

24Q-Even though Chinese government discourages religion, these are the three main religions_____.

25Q-A religion that stresses living simply and in harmony with nature_____.

26Q-A religion that focuses on moral behavior, kindness, and meditation_____.

27Q-A religion that is the combination of Daoism and Buddhism______.

28Q-Even though there is more economic freedom in China, there is not more_____.

29Q-Seven hundred years ago, this country was perhaps the greatest power in the world_____.

30Q-Leader who the Mongols were led by, conquering much of Asia_____.

31Q-An island country______.

32Q-Japan is made up of this many main islands and more than three thousand smaller ones______.

33Q-In 1968, a group of these people overthrew the shogun and gave power back to the emperor______.

34Q-Japanese companies are known for making high-quality products, especially electronic products and_______.

35Q-Japanese companies are known for making high-quality products like_____.

36Q-South Korea's government_______.

37Q-South Korea has a very_____.

38Q-South Korea shares a border with this very hostile country_____.

39Q-The countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, and Iran appear on the map as a semicircle surrounding the______.

40Q-Saudia Arabia is by far the ________ of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

41Q-Saudi Arabia is a major cultural and______.

42Q-Saudi Arabia has one of the______.

43Q-Iraq's president in 1968_____.

44Q-Saddam Hussain controlled Iraq's______.

45Q-Saddam Hussain restricted Iraq's personal______.

46Q-Saddam Hussain _______ an unknown number of political enemies.

47Q-In 1978, Iranians had a revolution and overthrew the leader who was called the_____.

48Q-Kind of republic that Iranians set up that strictly followed Islamic laws_____.


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1Q-At one tile, this was the best trade route between Europe and Asia_____. 1A-Silk Road

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