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1Q-The breakaway republic that has caused trouble for Russia since 1991 is_____.

2Q-The highest mountain range in the world is in the_____.

3Q-Which mountain range has historically been the natural dividing line between northern and southern India?

4Q-What is the most important River in India?

5Q-Sikhism unites______.

6Q-What is the largest city in India?

7Q-India and Pakistan dispute over the control of______.

8Q-Hindu society is divided into different classes called______.

9Q-What group consists of priests and teachers in the Indian caste system?

10Q-Which religion says that humans can become gods?

11Q-What famous Indian leader wanted to make peace with the Muslims in India?

12Q-Most Pakistanis are_____.

13Q-Which of the following does not describe the country of Bangladesh?

14Q-Mount Everest is in_____.

15Q-Sherpas, known for their strength and endurance, live in_____.

16Q-What is the smallest nation in Asia?

17Q-What does the name Budha mean?

18Q-What is the national symbol of Thailand?

19Q-Elephant trainers in Thailand are called______.

20Q-Which major River cuts through the northern part of Vietnam , emptying the Gulf of Tonkin?

21Q-At which parallel was Vietnam divided into North & South Vietnam?

22Q-What was the name of the guerrilla group that played a big part in conquering South Vietnam for the communists?

23Q-The majority of Singapore's population is comprised of which of the following nationalities?

24Q-What is the largest and most populated island of the Philippines ?

25Q-About 92% of the people in China are part of the ethnic group known as the_____.

26Q-The world's 3rd largest river and the longest river in Asia is the_____.

27Q-What is China's largest city?

28Q-Which city is the port for Beijing?

29Q-Who was the Communist leader that defeated the Nationalist Chinese army and established the People's Republic of China?

30Q-The leader of the Tibetan Buddhism is called the____.

31Q-What is North Korea's religion that focuses people's attention on the personality of the country's dictator?

32Q-By what name do the Japanese refer to their country?

33Q-The predominant religion of Japan is_____.

34Q-Japan's largest island

35Q-What does the name Tokyo mean_____.

36Q-Who were the ancient Japanese warriors that protected feudal lords' estates?

37Q-What is Japan's southernmost island?

38Q-What is Japan's smallest island?

39Q-What is desalination?

40Q-Which book of the Bible is Persia the setting of?

41Q-What is the most influential Persian Gulf a Country n the Middle East?

42Q-East African shrub grown in Yemen that is used as a narcotic.

43Q-Country with the lowest literacy rate, life expectancy, and per capita GDP in the Middle East.

44Q-Leading Muslim terrorist group that grew to prominence following the first Gulf War.



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1Q-The breakaway republic that has caused trouble for Russia since 1991 is_____. 1A-Chechnya

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