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1Q-Which vegetation type found in the Russian Federation represents a cold-resistant, coniferous forest?

2Q-In 2012, global fur retail sales totaled more than

3Q-The Russian Federation has a ________ urban population, and Central Asia is ________ urban.

4Q-One of the results of the Post-Soviet economy was the rise of

5Q-When did the Bolshevik Revolution occur?

6Q-This natural water body is steadily shrinking as a result of diversion of water for irrigation in Central Asia.

7Q-What is the approximate current population of Russia, Central Asia and the Transcaucasus combined?

8Q-When did the Soviet Union dissolve as a political entity?

9Q-After the fall of the Soviet Union, some 25 million Russians found themselves to be ethnic minorities in newly independent countries. The largest number of minorities was found in what state?

10Q-In 2013, gas and oil accounted for roughly _________ of Russia's export earnings.

11Q-Which of the following is true about women in Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

12Q-Which country defeated Russia in 1904 and halted Russia's territorial expansion?

13Q-The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union lasted from

14Q-In 2011, which country had the best Human Development Index (HDI) score in the region?

15Q-What percentage of the region experiences average annual rainfall of less than 250 millimeters (10 inches)?

16Q-Peak-oil scientists estimate we have depleted________ of the world's oil reserves.

17Q-Which language has been preserved for religious use by a regional community?

18Q-Many female labor migrants to North Africa and the Middle East come from which countries?

19Q-In colonial Iraq, what group did the British elevate which led to a legacy of regional conflict?

20Q-In 2014, which of the following countries produced the most barrels of oil?

21Q-What is the process called by which arid and semiarid lands become degraded and less productive?

22Q-Which country gets approximately 97% of its drinking water through the process of desalination?

23Q-Most of the guest workers employed in the Middle East and North Africa are working in

24Q-The approximate population of the Middle East/North Africa is

25Q-Which of the following countries was never colonized by Europe?




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1Q-Which vegetation type found in the Russian Federation represents a cold-resistant, coniferous forest? 1A-Taiga

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