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1Q-Islam is the major religion in all of the following except____.

2Q-The Dalai Lama is the leader in the ______ religion.

3Q-The leader of the communist revolution in China was _______.

4Q-What country has taken control of the Spratly Islands?

5Q-The United States largest purchaser of treasury bonds is _______?

6Q-What asian country is the 3rd largest economy and recovering from a tsunami disaster?

7Q-What Asian country has the largest number of US troops?

8Q-China's Four modernizations included all of the following except _______?

9Q-Which of the following is a former Portuguese colony and is the Vegas of China?

10Q-What country lost over 100,000 citizens to the deadly 2004 tsunami disaster?

11Q-Which of the following countries is the newest country in SE Asia

12Q-What country's ruling military junta released Suu Kyi for the first time since 1990?

13Q-The Asian religion of _____ is known for having 330 million gods.

14Q-The only former member of OPEC in southeast Asia is ____.

15Q-Chinas current president is ____.

16Q-The Crown Prince of ____ murdered his family

17Q-What country in Southeast Asia is a former French colony?

18Q-What Asian country was hit by two Super Typhoons within a year?

19Q-The oil rich MeKong river delta is in the country of ___?

20Q-What landlocked democracy is growing its' economy by selling its new found mineral wealth to china?

21Q-What country in the Himalayas is an exporter of hydroelectricity?

22Q-Monsoon climates are associated with ____.

23Q-Which religion originated in india

24Q-What country has the largest army?

25Q-The caste system is associated with what religion?

26Q-The democracy movement that led to the massacre at Tiananmen Square was in ____?

27Q-The largest Islamic population is in ____?

28Q-The world's largest port is in ___?

29Q-The Ganges River is a goddess of what religion?

30Q-What country in southeast Asia is an exporter of hydroelectricity

31Q-The number one exporter of software to the USA is ____

32Q-The 3 gorges dam project provides hydroelectricity for?

33Q-What city-state has a law against chewing gum?

34Q-The father of modern China is _____

35Q-What country in southeast Asia was never colonized by Europeans?

36Q-True or False: India's monsoon climate causes wet winters and dry summers

37Q-True or False: The Hindu caste system is a major influence in Indian society

38Q-True or False: Hong Kong has the biggest port in the world today

39Q-True or False: Pakistan was the hiding place of Bin Laden

40Q-True or False: Hydroelectric projects are producing jobs and energy in Bhutan

41Q-True or False: The Ganges River is sacred to the Sikh Family

42Q-True or False: Japan has the world's largest standing army

43Q-True or False: Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world

44Q-True or False: Kim Jung Un is the unstable leader of Taiwan

45Q-True or False: The Chinese democracy movement led to a massacre at the Tiananmen Square in 1969

46Q-Tibet's Leader

47Q-China's Leader

48Q-Taiwan's Leader

49Q-South Korea's Leader

50Q-North Korea's Leader

51Q-Japan's Leader

52Q-Myanmar's Leader

53Q-Phillippine's Leader

54Q-India's Leader

55Q-Pakistan's Leader

56Q-China's Religion

57Q-Japan's religion

58Q-Thailand's religion

59Q-phillippines religion

60Q-India's religion


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1Q-Islam is the major religion in all of the following except____. 1A-Bhutan

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