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3Q-Massif Central



6Q-Why is Europe called a "peninsula of peninsulas"?

7Q-How are landforms of Europe both an advantage and a disadvantage to life in Europe?

8Q-How did natural resources help Europe to become industrialized?



11Q-sea works


13Q-Zuider Zee


15Q-How have the people of the Netherlands been able to create more land for their country?

16Q-How has pollution affected the city of Venice?

17Q-How has industrialization hurt the forests of Europe?






23Q-How was the Renaissance an example of the movement of ideas?

24Q-What is Rome's cultural legacy in Mediterranean Europe today?

25Q-How has Mediterranean Europe's economy changed since WWII

26Q-On what river was rome founded?

27Q-What 3 Mediterranean counties make up the Iberian Peninsula?

28Q-What small semi-independent country is hidden in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France?

29Q-What countries make up the British Isles?

30Q-Which European countries border the Black Sea?

31Q-What are the different countries that border Switzerland?

32Q-What major landforms separate Western Europe and Mediterranean Europe?

33Q-In which countries of Western Europe are both French and German spoken?


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1Q-Fjord 1A-steep U-shaped valley that connect to the sea and are filled with sea water.

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