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1Q-Why would a geographer think understanding our solar system is important?
A. To track asteroids and comets so they don't collide with the Earth
B. To map the positions and orbits of our solar system's planets around the sun
C. To understand different aspects of Earth and how it fits into this larger system 
D. To determine which planets may be able to sustain life in the future

2Q-The main reason for the creation of desalination plants is....
A. To provide freshwater to support human activities 
B. To promote jobs in high-tech industries and decrease agricultural careers
C. To expand trade exports of excess salt and brine processing
D. To provide economic stability to underdeveloped countries

3Q-When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, what season is it in the Southern Hemisphere? 
A. Spring
B. Winter
C. Fall
D. Summer

4Q-Where do the most dramatic variations in the amount of sunlight occur? 
A. The Poles
B. The Tropic of Cancer
C. The Tropic of Capricorn
D. The Equator

5Q-What causes solar radiation to warm the Earth?
A. The Coriolis effect 
B. The lunar effect 
C. The shadow effect 
D. The greenhouse effect

6Q-What is the term for the generally windless area near the Equator?
A. the prime meridian 
B. the doldrums 
C. the Poles 
D. the midlatitudes

7Q-What kinds of trees change color and drop their leaves in autumn? 
A. coniferous trees 
B. evergreen trees 
C. deciduous trees
D. palm trees

8Q-A(n) ______________ is an area of lush vegetation in a desert created by an underground spring. 
A. oasis
B. prairie 
C. steppe 
D. tundra

9Q-About how long does it take for the Earth to complete a revolution around the sun? 
A. 7 days
B. 31 days 
C. 365 days 
D. 1,000 days

10Q-What of the following terms refers to early centers of civilization whose ideas and practices spread to surrounding areas? 
A. language family
B. ethnic enclave 
C. urban core
D. culture hearth

11Q-How does the demographic transition model explain change over time in the population of a country or region?
A. by tracking life expectancy
B. by measuring the annual number of live births per 1,000 people
C. by tracking birthrates and death rates
D. by measuring the immigration rate

12Q-____________________ refers to the movement of people from rural area to cities. 
A. suburbanization
B. modernization
C. destabilization
D. urbanization

13Q-A political border that is established by a physical geographic feature such as a mountain range or a river is a .
A. natural boundary
B. geometric boundary
C. cultural boundary
D. ethnic boundary

14Q-An urban city might turn into a ____________ if its key industry is no longer needed and the population moves on in order to seek a livelihood. 
A. world city
B. suburb
C. tourist trap
D. ghost town

15Q-Historically, cities usually developed near......
A. deserts
B. navigable waterways
C. canyons
D. valleys

16Q-Demography is the scientific study of......
A. landforms 
B. population
C. democracy
D. climates

17Q-The United States is an example of a(n)
A. more developed country
B. industrializing country
C. newly industrialized country
D. less developed country

18Q-During the Industrial Revolution, people were motivated to move to urban areas primarily by.....
A. the depletion of soils in agricultural areas
B. artistic and cultural opportunities
C. poor housing and pollution
D. economic opportunities

19Q-In geography, what is the correct term for a city that plays an important role in the global economic system?
A. industrial city
B. capital city
C. world city 
D. edge city

20Q-Which is the result of faulting? 
A. The slow folding up of mountains as tectonic plates collide. 
B. A sudden earthquake as bent tectonic plates release tension. 
C. A cascade of rock and ash that spews forth along tectonic plate boundaries. 
D. The destruction of undersea mountains as ocean plates slide under continental plates.

21Q-Why is the United States one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world?
A. The lands which Europeans colonized contained powerful kingdoms of many nationalities. 
B. The earliest inhabitants arrived some 15,000 years ago.
C. Over centuries, immigrants have arrived from many different countries.
D. none of these

22Q-What was the major cause of the 2008 economic downturn in the United States? 
A. A crisis in the home mortgage banking sector. 
B. a stock market crash
C. a severe drought 
D. all of these

23Q-A wind turbine is a source of _________________ energy.
A. fossil fuel
B. solar
C. renewable
D. hydroelectric

24Q- ____________ is the environmental problem in the U.S. because it corrodes stone and metal buildings, damages crops, and pollutes the soil. 
A. agricultural runoff
B. acid rain
C. smog 
D. greenhouse effect

25Q-Which two U.S. states have the largest petroleum reserves?
A. Alaska and Texas
B. Alaska and Hawaii
C. California and Florida 
D. none of these

26Q-Which of the following landforms runs through both the U.S. and Canada? 
A. The interior lowlands
B. The Rocky Mountains
C. The Great Plains
D. The Canadian Shield

27Q-A giant core of rock anchoring Canada and centered on Hudson Bay 
A. interior lowlands 
B. Pacific Range
C. Canadian Shield
D. Great Plains

28Q-Due to heavy natural resource extraction, Canada's ___________ has been shrinking. 
A. Boreal Forest 
B. "green" energy supply 
C. St. Lawrence River 
D. east coast aquaculture industry

29Q-The indigenous people of the Canadian Arctic are known as the
A. Metis
B. Inuit
C. Quebecois
D. Canadian

30Q-How does the Niagara Falls contribute to Canada's economy? 
A. Providing a transportation route
B. delivering drinking water
C. depositing coal, iron, and other minerals 
D. by providing a source of hydroelectric power

31Q-Why is Mexico City considered a primate city?
A. It is a primary destination for immigrants in Mexico
B. It is the largest city and the political, cultural, and economic center of Mexico
C. It is the capital city 
D. It is the most populous city in North America

32Q-Of what precious mineral is Mexico the world's leading producer? 

33Q-Southern Mexico is part of a _______________________ that connects North America and South America 
A. crossroads 
B. peninsula
C. steppe
D. land bridge

34Q-In Mexico, many people live with their ___________, which includes different generations of a family, as well as cousins and relatives. 
A. blended family 
B. nuclear family
C. heterogamous family
D. extended family

35Q-In Central America, more workers are employed in the _______ sector than any other sector in the economy. 
A. agricultural
B. mining
C. industrial 
D. high-tech

36Q-Due to its colonial past, most people in Central America today are followers of 
A. Protestantism 
B. Catholicism 
C. Islam
D. Hindu

37Q-Because of its location on the Ring of Fire, much of Central America is 
A. lowlands that are prone to flooding 
B. mountainous with active volcanoes
C. in the path of El Nino
D. covered by deciduous forests

38Q-One method of reducing the damage to the rain forests of Central America is to enact laws requiring ________ of land that has been cleared. 
A. industrial development 
B. urbanization
C. intense cultivation 
D. reforestation

39Q-Panama is a(n) ______ between North America and South America
A. archipelago 
B. peninsula
C. isthmus
D. crossroad

40Q-__________ are large agricultural estates, ________ are small family farms
A. minifundia;latifundia 
B. haciendas; plantations 
C. Latifundias; minifundia
D. Plantations; haciendas

41Q-Enacting laws that require the reforestation of cleared lands is one way that Central American countries can promote
A. deforestation 
B. pastoralism
C. sustainable development
D. shifting cultivation

42Q-When a large urban area such as Mexico City dominates that county's political, cultural, and economic affairs, it is called a
A. primate city
B. world city 
C. megacity
D. megalopolis

43Q-During the colonial period, a blending of indigenous beliefs and Catholicism occurred in Mexico in a process called
A. symbiosis
B. synthesis 
C. symbolism 
D. syncretism

44Q-In Mexico City, residents have been encouraged to use bicycles in order to 
A. end the obesity epidemic 
B. raise money for charity 
C. reduce air pollution in the city 
D. increase highway safety

45Q-What caused land subsidence in Mexico City? 
A. coastal erosion 
B. the draining of underground water reserves 
C. the clearing of vegetation native to the region 
D. desertification

46Q-The tectonically active country that is also the westernmost country in the Northern European subregion is 
A. Greenland
B. Sweden 
C. Iceland
D. Denmark

47Q-State-supported day care is an example of ________ social welfare policies in the Nordic countries
A. low-tax
B. conservative 
C. family-friendly
D. limited

48Q-The ___________ are the descendants of nomadic peoples who lived in northern Scandinavia for thousands of years. 
A. Old Norse 
B. Vikings
C. Finnish
D. Sami

49Q-A number of invasive species have been introduced in the Baltic Sea due to an increase in 
A. phytoplankton
B. ship traffic 
C. algae
D. hydroelectric power

50Q-Though tourism can threaten fragile ecosystems, ________ can teach people about conserving Northern Europe's vulnerable land. 
A. ecotourism
B. industrialism 
C. invasive species
D. wetlands

51Q-______ is the only Northern European country without an official religion 
A. Norway
B. Finland
C. Denmark 
D. Iceland

52Q-_________ is contributing to wetland destruction, with many lakes in Norway and a significant proportion of lakes in Sweden and Finland showing its impact. 
A. Deforestation
B. Acid Rain 
C. Climate Change 
D. Overfishing

53Q-______ in Northern Europe are causing ice to melt, which endangers land used for traditional herding and farming practices
A. Warmer temperatures 
B. Oil spills
C. Industrial pollutants
D. Invasive species

54Q-The practice and business of recreational travel that considers its impact on the environment is known is 
A. development 
B. sustainability 
C. conservation
D. ecotourism

55Q-Although considered to a European country, _________ straddles ocean crust shared with the North American continent and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that marks a boundary between two tectonic plates
A. Denmark
B. Norway
C. Iceland
D. Finland

56Q-Landforms in Northern Europe were formed by a process known as
A. fjords 
B. glaciation
C. geothermal energy
D. migration

57Q-Denmark is number one in the world for
A. commercial farming in greenhouses
B. oil exports 
C. electricity generated from renewable energy 
D. hydropower

58Q-Which of the following is NOT an example of Northern European countries' tax-funded public welfare programs?
A. socialized health care 
B. education from elementary through college 
C. strict immigration policies 
D. retirement income for senior citizens

59Q-Because the governments of Northern European countries fund programs that benefit all residents, they are known as
A. entrepots
B. welfare states 
C. integrated 
D. continental

60Q-Descendants of the Norse people who conquered lands with the building of elaborate ships
A. Danish 
B. Sami
C. Swedish 
D. Vikings

61Q-An increase in ship traffic on the Baltic Sea has introduced
A. eutrophication
B. water stratification 
C. invasive species
D. coastal runoff

62Q-The five themes of geography are location, place, region, human environment interaction, and 
A. migration
B. movement
C. religion
D. culture

63Q-What is the primary process that shaped the landforms of Northern Europe as they are today
A. glaciation
B. fjord
C. tectonic tension
D. earth rotation

64Q-The tectonic activity caused by separation of the Eurasian and North American plates is the source of abundant ___________ in Iceland.

A. faulting
B. geothermal energy
C. geysers
D. earthquakes

65Q-___________ a renewable resource in most Northern European countries, is produced by rivers formed by meltwater from glaciers.
A. wind turbines
B. geothermal energy
C. hydroelectric power
D. solar power


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1Q-Why would a geographer think understanding our solar system is important? A. To track asteroids and comets so they don't collide with the Earth B. To map the positions and orbits of our solar system's planets around the sun C. To understand different aspects of Earth and how it fits into this larger system D. To determine which planets may be able to sustain life in the future 1A-C

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