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1Q-What is the difference between latitude and longitude and give examples of each longitude______________ Equator, Tropic of Cancer.

2Q-Which latitudes are called "low", "middle" and "high" including the effects of latitude on climate and prevailing winds?

3Q-Name 3 low latitudes climates, 6 mid latitude climates, 3 high latitude climates and the highland climate. (know names, locations, etc...)

4Q-Which climates have more extreme temperature changes with the seasons?

5Q-How does the location in a hemisphere (North or South) effect the seasons?

6Q-What are the characteristics and names of East Coast and West Coast climates in the mid latitudes?

7Q-What are the characteristics of the three tropical climates?

8Q-What is the location of strategic straits between continents and the difference between a canal and a strait?

9Q-Define archipelago and give several examples.

10Q-What are the effects of plate tectonics?

11Q-What are the concepts of absolute and relative location?

12Q-What is the importance and location of the province of Ontario?

13Q-What is the meaning of "First Nations" ?

14Q-What is the style of the Group of Seven?

15Q-What is the theme of "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" and the name of its composer?

16Q-special purpose maps

17Q-What is the significance of the 23 and 1/2 degree tilt of Earth's axis?

18Q-What are some lessons learned from the North Carolina trip? (altitude change- colder change in...)

19Q-What cash crops are typical in Latin America?

20Q-Which certain nations are world leaders in production of certain minerals?

21Q-Where do the dry climates exist in North America and South America?

22Q-Define peninsula and give several examples.

23Q-Define landlocked nations and give a couple of examples.

24Q-Name the 5 parts of a bibliography in the proper order and how to list a title.

25Q-Define these mixed ethnicities and where you would find the highest concentrations of them. mextizos, mulattos

26Q-What are the characteristics of Aztec place names?

27Q-What are the vertical climate zones and their characteristics?

28Q-What is the ring of fire, its causes, characteristics and location?

29Q-What are the indigenous groups or Amerindians in South and Central America?

30Q-What are the areas most affected by the Africian slave trade?













43Q-Human Environment Interaction

44Q-physical maps

45Q-political maps


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1Q-What is the difference between latitude and longitude and give examples of each longitude______________ Equator, Tropic of Cancer 1A-Latitude| 30 degrees north, Dateline

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