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1Q-The region of Africa with the most plains.

2Q-The region of Africa which could be described as a plateau. It also has an escarpment called the ____________________ mountains.

3Q-The region of Africa surrounding the Congo River Basin. It also has Victoria Falls on the _____________ river.

4Q-The region of Africa with the most highland or mountainous areas. Give three specific examples. It also contains what valley where the plates are pulling apart? Two major lakes in the region are.

5Q-There are two inland deltas in Africa. One called the ___________________ flows into the Kalahari Desert and dries up. The other is on the _____________River in West Africa, and it rejoins the main channel and finds its way to the Gulf of ______________.

6Q-A region called the _____________ stretches across the southern edge of the Sahara. It is the Arabic word for Shore.

7Q-At the western end of Africa is Cape ___________. Near the Southern end is Cape of ________________.

8Q-Nearest the Equator is where you will find a _________________________climate where it is hot and rainy all year.

9Q-The widespread Tropical _______________climate has rainy summers and dry winters. The rainfall supports tall grasslands and scattered trees.

10Q-Only in _______________Africa can you find a ________________________________climate with warm rainy summers and cool rainy winters.

11Q-The Namib is an example of a ________________climate where there are less than ten inches of tainfall in a year.

12Q-Climate is cooler in Ethiopia because of ___________________-.

13Q-The most populated nation in Africa is ______________. It also has over 200 ethnic groups.

14Q-When Africans adopted Christianity and blended it with their traditional animistic beliefs it is known as _______________________religion.

15Q-Two forms of Christianity found in Africa south of the Sahara are ________________and ___________________.

16Q-Only in ______________Africa will you find people who use clicking noises in their language. These are known as the ___________________language family.

17Q-A combination of Arabic and native African languages known as ______________ is spoken in this part of Africa.

18Q-The major cash crop grown in Eastern Africa is ____________.

19Q-Three of the top five Cacao producers in the world are locate in ____________ Africa.

20Q-This plant produces __________ beans and chocolate.

21Q-Tourism in National Parks is a major business in ________Africa in places like the ___________________ Plain.

22Q-Africa is rich in mineral resources such as _____________ and ______________in South Africa, copper in the countries of___________ and________________.

23Q-Oil is plentiful in both __________ and _______________Africa around the ____________of Guinea.

24Q-Many African nations have a very low ______per capita.


25Q-Most farmers grow food only for ___________________. This is known as subsistence farming.

26Q-The easternmost part of Africa is called the ________________________-.

27Q-Cape Town is the only place in Africa south of the Sahara with a ___________________climate.

28Q-Along the East coast of Africa and the southern edge of the Sahara you will find many people who follow the religion of ___________________-.

29Q-The region with the greatest number of Europeans living in it is ______________________Africa.



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1Q-The region of Africa with the most plains. 1A-West Africa

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