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1Q-Popular culture arises from a combination of advances in industrial technology and increased work.

2Q-Many less developed countries fear the loss of folk culture because
a. they do not want to preserve traditional values
b. Western perspectives may become more dominant
c. popular cultural values can promote enmironmental damage
d. they want to avoid political disputes

3Q-In contrast to popular culture, folk cultures are more likely to vary 
a. from place to place at a given time 
b. from time to time at a given place 
c. both from place to place and from time to time 
d. neither from place to place and from time to time

4Q-China produces a relatively large amount of pork compared to the countries of South Asia primarily because
a. Buddhists don't have a taboo against pork consumption
b. its physical environment is more suitable to raising pigs
c. China has more people than the countries of South Asia
d. all of the above

5Q-The concepts of legal equality and availability of economic and social opportunities outside the home have become widely accepted in more developed countries, even where women in reality continue to suffer from discriminatory practices.

6Q-The Yuan and Shan peoples in northern Thailand sleep with their heads towards the east
a. as a sign of obeying a customary hierarchy
b. so that the head is opposite the neighbors' heads
c. because the head is considered high and noble
d. to avoid the direction of death and evil spirits

7Q-Adoption of Western popular culture seldom results in the elimination of traditional folk culture.

8Q-Most food avoidance customs arise from cultural values.

9Q-The percentage of leisure time has increased as a result of swings in the labor force from predominantly agricultural work to predominantly service and manufacturing work.

10Q-Today, houses in the United States are distinguished by all but the following:
a. they can still be divided into three distinct regions
b. they display few regional distinctions
c. they are usually mass-produced
d. alternative styles have diffused throughout the country

11Q-Popular culture is found in large, heterogeneous societies that share certain habits.

12Q-Different house types in relatively developed countries make different arrangements for sacred space.

13Q-In which state would alcohol consumption be reletively low?
a. Kentucky
b. Nevada
c. New York
d. Utah

14Q-Television is the most important mechanism by which knowledge of popular culture is rapidly diffused around the world.

15Q-A custom is a habit that groups of people have widely adopted.

16Q-Clothing became a powerful symbol in Iran, in part because
a. Islamic fundamentalists rejected the traditional uncut robes
b. women were strongly urged to wear different types of skirts and blouses
c. moderate leaders wore Western-style business suits
d. all of the above

17Q-The distribution of the subjects of art in the Himalayas shows how folk cultures
a. always paint religious subjects
b. are influenced by distinctive vegetation, climate, and religion
c. avoid painting animate objects
d. typically paint scenes of nature but not people

18Q-Geographers are concerned with the distribution of which of the following aspects of television service?
a. number of receivers per capita
b. method of government control
c. year service was adopted
d. none of the above

19Q-Basements are more likely to be found in northeastern homes than in southeastern homes.

20Q-Hotels, fast-food resturaunts, and other franchises encourage a uniform appearance on the landcape to promote customer recognition.

21Q-Sod homes built during the 18th and 19th centuries in the Great Plains region were a response primarily to a lack of trees.

22Q-Which of the following is not an important source area for U.S. house types?
a. Lower Chesapeake
b. Middle Atlantic
c. Northeast
d. Upper New England

23Q-Which element of the local physical environment is important for wine production? 
a. climate
b. soil
c. topography
d. none of the above

24Q-More precise geographic information is given on the label of a good bottle of wine than on a poor bottle.

25Q-Which concept is the contemporary geographer likely to reject
a. the physical environment causes people to adopt social customs
b. people in similar environments adopt different social customs
c. people do not ignore their physical environment
d. people in different environments adopt similar social customs


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1Q-Popular culture arises from a combination of advances in industrial technology and increased work. 1A-False

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