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1Q-As they have more contact with popular culture, women in less developed countries are more likely to
a. bear more children
b. obtain food for the family
c. gain more opportunities outside the home
d. reduce the practice of prostitution

2Q-Most television programs shown throughout the world come from the United States, England, and Japan.

3Q-The most important house style in the United States since the 1960s is known as 
a. minimal traditional
b. contemporary
c. split-level
d. neo-eclectic

4Q-House types in the eastern United States can be traced to three source areas: Michigan, Chesepeake Bay, and Ohio.

5Q-Folk cultures are spread primarily by 
a. contagious diffusion
b. hierarchical diffusion
c. relocation diffusion
d. stimulus diffusion

6Q-Folk culture is more likely to vary from place to place at a given time, whereas popular culture is more likely to vary from time to time at a given place.

7Q-Country music originated in which hearth?
Southern Appalachia
a. Central Tennessee and Kentucky
b. Ozark and Ouachita 
c. uplands of western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma
d. North-central Texas
e. all of the above

8Q-The environment is the only control over social customs.

9Q-In contrast to folk culture, popular culture is typical of 
a. small homogeneous groups
b. large heterogeneous groups
c. groups living in isolated rural areas
d. groups that have little interaction with other groups

10Q-Which of the following is not a distinctive characteristic of the physical environment related to wine?
a. the quality that wine depends on the weather in a particular year
b. each type of wine reflects the presence of distinctive trace elements in the soil
c. vineyards must be planted on flat land
d. all of the above are true

11Q-Viewing the house types in four communities of western China, what is the one unifying characteristic of all four house types? 
a. It has to do with protection against mauraders
b. Some regions of China are wealthier than others, allowing for more elaborate architecture
c. Each house type provides unique physiographic benefits
d. all of the above are true

12Q-The adoption of a popular custom depends primarily on the amount of disposable income.

13Q-There are two dominant categories of material culture: folk and custom.

14Q-Popular customs most frequently originate in
a. more developed countries
b. less developed countries
c. former communist countries
d. equally likely in all of the above

15Q-Major hearths of U.S. country music include all but which of the following?
a. southern Appalachia
b. central Tennessee and Kentucky
c. the Ozark and Ouachita mountains
d. southwestern Texas

16Q-Goverment censorship is much more difflicult to enforce in countries without freedom of speech because of 
a. FAX machines
b. the Internet
c. celluar phones
d. portable video recorders
e. all of the above

17Q-Which of the following characteristics is more typical of a popular culture than a folk culture? 
a. it has an anonymous origin
b. it diffuses slowly from its point of origin
c. it results in a more uniform landscape
d. it is likely to be derived from physical conditions

18Q-Folk songs are distinguished from popular songs because they
a. tell a story about daily activities
b. can be understood only by one group
c. are never changed from one generation to the next
d. are only transmitted orally

19Q-One significant impact of popular culture is to 
a. create a more varied and less uniform landscape
b. prevent the diffusion of folk culture
c. modify the physical environment
d. all of the above

20Q-Neo-electric houses are called what
a. Mansard
b. Neo-Tudor
c. Neo-French
d. Neo-Colonial
e. all of the above
d. none of the above

21Q-Features of the U.S. landscape, such as gas stations, supermarkets, and motels 
a. promote a uniform landscape
b. reflect the preservation
c. provide diversity on the U.S. landscape
d. promote diffusion of folk culture

22Q-Small satellite dishes have made television a force for political change because
a. rebel groups can secretly broadcast political messages to the people
b. the small satellite dishes are so cheap anyone can afford them
c. totalitorian leaderscan no longer lie to their people because of the ubiquitous television set
d. these small recievers enable people to choose from a wide variety of programs produced in other countries, not just the local government- controlled station

23Q-In the United States, the number of golf courses per person is highest in
a. the south, where the climate is favorable
b. the northeast, where the people are clustered
c. the north central states, where there is along tradition of playing golf
d. the west, where golfers are clustered

24Q-Electronic communication facilitates frequent changes in popular customs

25Q-The use of a horse and buggy by the Amish in the United States is an example of a
a. folk culture
b. habit
c. popular culture
d. taboo

26Q-Primarily small, homogeneous groups living in isolated rural areas traditionally practice folk culture.

27Q-One of the strongest connections that tie people to a certain environment is what?
a. clothing
b. weapons
c. food supply
d. building materials

28Q-People maintain their folk culture despite familiarity with popular culture primarily because of 
a. the high cost of popular customs
b. concern for the physical environment
c. strong desire to preserve unique customs
d. lack of exposure to the media

29Q-Rapid diffusion of popular culture 
a. encourages people in different places to adopt different customs
b. depends on modern communication systems
c. is an example of relocation diffusion
d. all of the above

30Q-The two aspects geographers focus on in terms of where folk and popular cultures are located are spatial distribution for each activity, and the link between material culture and the physical environment.


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1Q-As they have more contact with popular culture, women in less developed countries are more likely to a. bear more children b. obtain food for the family c. gain more opportunities outside the home d. reduce the practice of prostitution 1A-C

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