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1Q-The spatial distribution of soccer during the twentieth century is an example of 
a. folk culture
b. habit
c. popular culture
d. taboo

2Q-Typically, popular culture
a. originates in a number of locations at the same time
b. reflects the characteristics of a distinctive physical environment
c. diffuses rapidly to many locations
d. all of the above

3Q-Television has played a major role in increasing the ability of a government to control people's daily lives.

4Q-The frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people is a
a. custom
b. popular culture
c. habit
d. taboo

5Q-Using regional differences in house types, select a reason why you believe styles changed from north to south.
a. Double Pile provided better protection against harsh winters.
b. Ranch homes provided easy access for older people locating in the south
c. Ranch homes reflected a more casual living style for the south
d. all of the above are true
e. none of the above are true

6Q-One impact of large-scale consumption of chicken in more developed countries is to
a. cause chickens to become an endangered species
b. make inefficient use of the world's grain supplies
c. diffuse agricultural products into the physical environment
d. encourage the development of a new food taboo

7Q-The Armed Forces Radio Network during WWII was a responsible for the beginning of the planet-wide diffusion of American popular music.

8Q-Groups living in proximity may generate a variety of folk customs in a limited geographic area because of limited communication.

9Q-The highest concentration of golf courses within the united States is the Sunbelt

10Q-The number of television sets per person is greatest in
a. Africa
b. Asia
c. Europe
d. Latin America

11Q-The origin of popular music is a good example of how folk culture originates.

12Q-Little wine is produced in Asia primarily because 
a. grapes do not grow in these regions
b. wines can be imported more cheaply
c. religious taboos discourage consumption
d. the people do not have a tradition of wine making

13Q-Two social groups living in close proximity will retain unique social customs if there is limited interaction between them.

14Q-One of the surest way to identify a family's ethnic origins is to look in its kitchen.

15Q-Food taboos usually derive from unique elements of the physical environment.

16Q-Folk culture is an example of what?
a. cultural diffusion
b. relocation diffusion
c. innovation diffusion
d. hierarchical diffusion


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1Q-The spatial distribution of soccer during the twentieth century is an example of a. folk culture b. habit c. popular culture d. Taboo 1A-C

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