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1Q-Popular culture and folk culture can both result in a higher level of
a. extinction of animal species
b. demand for raw materials
c. consumption of animal products
d. all of the above

2Q-Leaders of many developing countries fear that the spread of American popular culture will destroy traditional social behavior.

3Q-A restriction on behavior imposed by social custom is a
a. folk custom
b. habit
c. popular culture
d. taboo

4Q-The distribution of alcohol consumption in the United States displays all but which of these typical characteristics of popular culture?
a. rapid diffusion
b. close relationship to level of income
c. little regard for features of the physical environment
d. uniform distribution across the landscape

5Q-In general, folk culture is more likely to cause greater uniformity on the landscape than popular culture.

6Q-A repetitive act performed by an individual is a
a. custom
b. popular culture
c. habit
d. taboo

7Q-popular culture varies more in time than in place.

8Q-A major factor in the diffusion of British football was the presence of British citizens in other countries.

9Q-The geographer Vidal de la Blache regarded food supply as
a. the best available example of a folk custom
b. the folk custom most closely tied to particular climate
c. less subject to modification than the clothing and weapons
d. all of the above

10Q-A habit is a repetitive act that an individual performs.

11Q-Americans' preferences for vegetables
a. vary according to what is grown locally
b. do not vary from one region of the country to another
c. vary according to religious differences
d. display little spatial variation

12Q-Which three places are major hearths (or nodes) of folk house forms in the United States? 
a. Pennsylvania, Maine, and South Carolina
b. New York, Massachusetts, and Georgia
c. New England, Middle Atlantic, and Lower Chesapeake
d. Southwestern region, Midwest, and New England

13Q-Folk customs usually originate from
a. the availability of more leisure time
b. the application of industrial technology
c. familiar events in daily life
d. a famous historical event

14Q-Muslims embrace the taboo against pork because 
a. pigs would compete with humans for food and water without compensating benefits as a beast of burden
b. pigs do not provide milk or wool
c. raising pigs would be an ecological disaster in regions where Muslims live
d. all of the above are true

15Q-The diffusion of some popular customs can deplete scarce natural resources and pollute the landscape.

16Q-Popular customs often have anonymous hearths.

17Q-The physical environment commonly plays an important role in the development of unique folk customs.

18Q-Taboo against consumption of meat among many people can be explained primarily by environment factors

19Q-Pioneer farmers settling the grasslands of the American West is often built houses of sod, while early settlers of the eastern forest built wooden structures like log cabins. this suggests that building materials
a. are strongly influenced by local resources
b. are commonly imported long distance because of local folk culture
c. are chosen because of the diffusion of popular culture
d. all of the above

20Q-An example of a folk custom used to diffuse information about agriculture is 
a. Armed Forces Radio
b. Association Football
c. Himalayan art
d. Vietnamese songs

21Q-Popular customs are more likely than folk customs to
a. evolve from the isolation of different groups
b. rapidly diffuse through modern communication systems
c. reflect the unique characteristics of the landscape
d. have an unknown source of origin

22Q-The current distribution of soccer demonstrates that
a. a folk custom can become part of a popular culture
b. all sports are examples of folk culture
c. television has infused all sports into popular culture
d. American football is also an example of a folk culture

23Q-A taboo against pork is a characteristic of
a. Judaism and Islam
b. Judaism and Buddhism
c. Christianity and Buddhism
d. Christanity and Hinduism

24Q-The main effect of modern communications on social customs has been to
a. preserve folk cultures, by increasing awareness of their uniqueness
b. stimulate the diffusion of folk cultures around the world
c. increase the similarity of social customs in different locations
d. have little effect on the diffusion of social customs

25Q-Which of the following is not an important factor in distinguishing different folk housing in the United States?
a. choice of building materials
b. size of the building
c. form in which the structure is arranged
d. climate in which the structure is built

26Q-Western dominance of the news media is feared in less developed countries for all but which of these reasons?
a. Western countries supply a large percentage of the television programs to less developed countries
b. Western countries control most of the newspapers in less developed countries
c. Western radio newscasts can be heard in most countries
d. Western values permeate the media

27Q-The diffusion of jeans is a good example primarily of the
a. diffusion of popular culture
b. adoption of unique folk culture
c. impact of high income on clothing habits
d. lack of barriers in communist countries

28Q-Folk societies are particularly responsive to the environment because of their low level of technology and the prevailing agricultural economy.

29Q-Although folk cultures have the same process of origin as popular culture, they have a more limited process of diffusion.


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1Q-Popular culture and folk culture can both result in a higher level of a. extinction of animal species b. demand for raw materials c. consumption of animal products d. all of the above 1A-D

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