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1Q- ____Highest population concentrations are near the major rivers and coalfields of Germany and Belgium, as well as historical capital cities such as London and Paris

2Q- _____series of islands that lie between the Indian and Pacific Oceans

3Q- ______600 million people, 
Indonesia (consisting of 13,677 islands) is the world's 4th most populous country, 
Population is clustered along several river valleys and deltas

4Q- ______the portions of Earth's surface occupied by permanent human settlement, occupancy has increased

5Q- ______Cover 20% of Earth's surface, 
Lack sufficient water to grow crops that could feed a large population, 
Some people survive by raising animals adapted to the climate, such as camels, 
Contain natural resources useful to people including much of the world's oil reserves

6Q- _____Receive very high levels of precipitation , Located primarily near the equator,
The combination of rain and heat rapidly depletes nutrients from the soil and hinders agriculture

7Q- ____Perpetually covered with ice or the ground is permanently frozen, 
Polar regions are unsuitable for planting crops, few animals can survive the extreme cold, and few humans live there

8Q- _____Some high-altitude plateaus and mountain regions are more densely populated, especially at low latitudes near the equator

9Q- ____the number of people occupying an area of land, help geographers describe the distribution of people in comparison to available resources

10Q- ____ is the total number of objects in an area

11Q-Arithmetic Density

12Q- ___Enables geographers to compare the number of people trying to live on a given piece of land in different regions of the world


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1Q- ____Highest population concentrations are near the major rivers and coalfields of Germany and Belgium, as well as historical capital cities such as London and Paris. 1A-Europe

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