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1Q-As a result of a 1979 Soviet invasion, what country generated one of the worlds largest refugee migrations? 
A) Serbia 
B) Sudan
C) Ukraine
D) Afghanistan
E) Iraq

2Q- An area organized into an independent political unit is a(n)...
A) State
B) Country
C) Nation
D) Ethnic region
E) both B and C

3Q- A group of people who occupy a particular area and have a strong sense of unity based on a set of shared beliefs...
A) State
B) National Identity 
C) Nation
D) City-State
E) unitary state

4Q A state with control over its internal affairs has...
A) Self determinism
B) Sovereignty
C) Colonialism
D) A strong sense of unity
E) all of the above

5Q- Over the past half century, the number of sovereign states in the world...
A) has increased by over 100
B) has decreased substantially 
C) has stayed relatively similar
D) has gradually decreased
E) has been the reason for global warming

6Q- The worlds largest state is...
A) Canada 
B) China
E) Russia

7Q- Korea is a good example of...
A) an ethnic group
B) a city-state
C) a nation divided between more than one state
D) a bunch of communists
E) a democracy

8Q- Two cities in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla are controlled by what country? 
A) Spain
B) Morocco
C) the UK
D) Germany
E) Chile

9Q- Which is not true about both China and Taiwan?
A) both have official relationships with the U.S. 
B) both consider that the two form one sovereign state
C) both now hold seats in the UN
D) both were once ruled by nationalists
E) both B and C

10Q- The Fertile Crescent...
A) followed the Tigris and Euphrates rivers 
B) extended from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea
C) was the location of the city-states in the Middle East 
D) sometimes considered to extend into the Nile River Valley
E) all of the above

11Q-The only large landmass that is not part of a sovereign state is...
A) Borneo
B) the arctic
C) Siberia
D) Antarctica
E) Greenland

12Q-A territory tied to a state rather than being completely independent is a...
A) territory
B) colony
C) city-state
D) frontier
E) nation

13Q-The first states in ancient Mesopotamia were... 
A) city-states
B) communities
C) sovereign ethnic groups
D) both A and C
E) nations

14Q-Political unity in the ancient Mediterranean world, reached its highest in...
A) the Dark Ages
B) the industrial revolution 
C) the Roman Empire 
D) the ice age
E) fall of 1893

15Q-The first widespread use of the nation state concept came in...
A) South America
B) Western Europe 
C) northern Asia 
D) all of the above
E) Antartica

16Q-The attempt by one country to impose political control over another territory is...
A) imperialism
B) ethnic cleansing 
C) colonialism
D) the reason for most wars
E) decided by the government

17Q-The motives of European states in establishing colonies can be summarized as all but which of the following?
A) guilt 
B) gold 
C) glory
D) God
E) B, C, and D

18Q-By 1900, the British could claim all but which of the following about their empire?
A) their largest colony had become independent by then
B) the sun never set on the British Empire
C) the British had colonies to the east and the west
D) the british empire had more colonies than any other nation in the world
E) both C and D

19Q-The world's smallest colony is...
A) Pitcairn 
B) Djibouti
C) Kazahkstan
D) Puerto Rico 
E) Lesotho

20Q-A state is a good example of...
A) an ethnic region 
B) an organized region
C) unity
D) a group of ethnic groups
E) none of the above


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1Q-As a result of a 1979 Soviet invasion, what country generated one of the worlds largest refugee migrations? A) Serbia B) Sudan C) Ukraine D) Afghanistan E) Iraq 1A-D) Afghanistan

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