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1Q-A frontier in contrast to a boundary...
A) separates 2 states
B) is a territory tied to a state
C) is made by rivers
D) is made by geographical landforms
E) none of the above

2Q-Which shape most easily fosters the establishment of effective internal communications for a smaller state?
A) elongated
B) microstate 
C) prorupted
D) fragmented
E) compact

3Q-The Germans established the proruption known as the caprivi strip in present day Namibia for which of the following reasons? 
A) access to resources in central Africa
B) disruption of British communications 
C) trading opportunities with native tribes
D) access to the Zambezi river
E) A, B, D

4Q-The boundary between the U.S. and Canada can be described as which of the following?
A) geometry
B) frontier 
C) desert
D) mountains
E) none of the above

5Q-Boundaries were redrawn in Europe after WWI according to the...
A) religions
B) distribution of language
C) geography
D) articles of confederation
E) none of the above

6Q-The Aozou strip is a good example of...
A) free range cattle land
B) separation of powers
C) a geometric boundary
D) division of religions
E) a compact state

7Q-The problems experienced by cypress during the past 4 decades include all but which of the following?
A) a partition of the island by the British as part of independence 
B) A division of the land by the Greeks and the Turks
C) the establishment of a Turkish republic
D) development of a buffer zone between ethnicities
E) Turkey's recognition of the sovereignty of a portion of the population

8Q-With the breakup of the Soviet Union, most Russians...
A) moved to Germany 
B) rebelled against the Russian gov't
C) are clustered in Russia's western regions
D) all of the above
E) none of the above

9Q-Conflict is widespread in Africa in part because...
A) tribes do not get along
B) European colonial powers drew inappropriate boundaries 
C) many Africans are being taken into slavery
D) religions do not get along well
E) all of the above

10Q-The Kurds are a...
A) a religious group
B) nationality that are specific to one state
C) tribe in Africa 
D) all of the above
E) nationality divided among more than one state

11Q-In 2002, the Organization of African Unity was replaced by...
A) the African Union
B) Africa United
C) Africa R us 
D) Force of Africa
E) none of the above

12Q-An increasing number of states have adopted a federal gov't primarily to...
A) be in good relations with the people
B) take control of the nation
C) become more advanced
D) all of the above 
E) satisfy the demands of competing nationalities

13Q-What was the distinctive feature of the worlds superpowers between the 1940s and 1980s compared to other eras?
A) the number of superpowers were relatively the same
B) the number of superpowers was much higher than in the past
C) the number of superpowers was much lower than in the past
D) the economy dropped as a result of A
E) both D and A

14Q-A state which places most power in the hands of a central gov't is a...
A) federal state
B) unitary state
C) compact state
D) microstate 
E) none of the above

15Q-Which of the following is not a member of the United Nations?
A) china
B) Russia
E) Taiwan

16Q-With the end of the Cold War...
A) The Warsaw Pact became obsolete
B) NATO became obsolete
C) Radical Muslim terrorist organizations threaten the democratic world
D) Russia absorbed all of the land known as the USSR
E) A and C

17Q-Terrorism differs from assassination and other acts of political violence...
A) because terrorists are crazy
B) because terrorists fight for religious extremism and other people don't
C) because there's no such thing
D) because attacks are aimed at ordinary people
E) All of the above

18Q-Which of the following isn't true of Al-Qaeda?
A) Al-Qaeda is a single unified organization 
B) Al-Qaeda was funded by Osama Bin Laden
C) Al-Qaeda began in Afghanistan as a defense against the Soviet takeover
D) Al-Qaeda declared a fatwa against the United States
E) Al-Qaeda donates millions to charity every year

19Q-States cooperate with each other for what kind of reasons?
A) political
B) military
C) economic
D) all of the above
E) religion


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1Q-A frontier in contrast to a boundary... A) separates 2 states B) is a territory tied to a state C) is made by rivers D) is made by geographical landforms E) none of the above 1A-A) separates 2 states

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