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1Q-The first widespread use of the nation-state concept came in
A) Mesopotamia.
B) the Roman Empire.
C) Western Europe.
D) the United States.
E) Southeast Asia.

2Q- Political unity in the ancient Mediterranean world reached its height in
A) the Fertile Crescent.
B) Egypt.
C) the Roman Empire.
D) Western Europe.
E) the Alexandrian Empire.

3Q-The only large land mass not part of a sovereign state is
A) Antarctica.
B) the Arctic.
C) Greenland.
D) Siberia.
E) Borneo.

4Q-The Fertile Crescent
A) followed the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
B) extended from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.
C) was the location of the first city-states in the Middle East.
D) is sometimes considered to be extended into the Nile Valley.
E) all of the above

5Q-Which of the following is not true about both China and Taiwan?
A) Both were once ruled by the Nationalists.
B) Both consider that the two areas form one sovereign state.
C) Both now hold seats in the United Nations.
D) Both have official relationships with the United States.
E) B and C

6Q-The most populous country not a member of the UN is 
A) Taiwan.
B) North Korea.
C) Switzerland.
D) Monaco.

7Q-By 1900, the British could claim all but which of the following about their empire?
A) The sun never set on it.
B) Their colonies were located on every continent.
C) Their largest colonies had become independent by then.
D) Their empire was larger than that of any other European state.
E) Their empire controlled strategic islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

8Q-There are some extremely small states in the world that have all but which of the following characteristics?
A) Many are islands.
B) They are called microstates.
C) Most are in the southern hemisphere.
D) All are smaller than 1,000 square kilometers.
E) Many of the island nations are former European colonies.

9Q-The most populous remaining colony is ruled by
A) the United States.
B) the United Kingdom.
C) France.
D) China.
E) the Netherlands.

10Q-The British created different government structures for its various colonies to
A) control the people in the colonies.
B) break down local authorities and governments to make way for the British.
C) help protect the cultures in their territories.
D) expedite the export of raw materials and imports of finished products.
E) separate religious groups.

11Q-Elongated states may suffer from poor internal communication and difficulty defending its borders. Which of the following is not an elongated state?
A) Malawi
B) Gambia
C) Namibia
D) Chile
E) Italy

12Q-A frontier, in contrast to a boundary,
A) separates two states.
B) is an area rather than a line.
C) has become a more common means to separate states.
D) is a region of ethnic conflict.
E) all of the above

13Q-The Germans established the proruption known as the Caprivi Strip in present-day Namibia for which of the following reasons?
A) access to resources in central Africa
B) disruption of British communications
C) fighting apartheid in neighboring South Africa
D) access to the Zambezi river
E) A, B, and D

14Q-Boundaries were redrawn in much of Europe after World War I according to the
A) distribution of languages.
B) demands of the victorious British and French.
C) containment of Nazism.
D) League of Nations.
E) North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

15Q-The Aozou Strip is a good example of a
A) prorupted state.
B) physical boundary.
C) geometric boundary.
D) frontier.
E) perforated state.

16Q-The boundary between the United States and Canada is best described by which of the following?
A) geometry
B) language
C) water
D) mountain
E) A and C

17Q-The problems experienced by Cyprus during the past four decades include all but which of the following?
A) a Greek-inspired military coup
B) a Turkish army invasion
C) a partition of the island by the British as part of independence
D) an increasing spatial segregation of Greeks and Turks
E) division of the capital city by a buffer zone patrolled by U.N. soldiers

18Q-An increasing number of states have adopted a federal form of government primarily to
A) grant different ethnicities or nationalities more effective representation.
B) encourage the breakup of the superpower alliances.
C) govern compact states more effectively.
D) deploy scarce resources efficiently.
E) meet all of the above needs.

19Q-A state which places most power in the hands of a central government is a
A) federal state.
B) nation-state.
C) fragmented state.
D) unitary state.
E) compact state.

20Q-After the fall of communism, Poland
A) adopted a unitary form of government.
B) became a nation-state.
C) delegated more authority to local governments.
D) gave power to its ethnic minorities.
E) annexed land from Germany.


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1Q-The first widespread use of the nation-state concept came in A) Mesopotamia. B) the Roman Empire. C) Western Europe. D) the United States. E) Southeast Asia. 1A-C

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