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1Q-The most important reason why most farmers in northeast China grow crops other than wet rice is
A) cultural preference.
B) tradition.
C) climate.
D) soil.
E) harvesting wet rice requires expensive machinery.

2Q-Pastoral nomadism is most commonly found in which climate region?
A) humid low-latitude
B) dry
C) warm mid-latitude
D) cold mid-latitude
E) polar

3Q-Pastoral nomads 
A) are expanding their territory in North Africa and the Middle East.
B) occupy only their own territory, moving with the seasons to find forage and water.
C) occupy different territory each year to find forage and water.
D) consume mostly meat, rather than grain.
E) prefer sheep to goats because sheep require less water and will forage on virtually any vegetation.

4Q-The seasonal migration of livestock between mountains and lowland pastures is
A) pastoral nomadism.
B) shifting cultivation.
C) transhumance.
D) practiced mostly in the tropics.
E) livestock ranching.

5Q-To increase crop yields, farmers in South China commonly practice
A) double cropping.
B) transhumance.
C) threshing.
D) pastoral nomadism.
E) shifting cultivation.

6Q-Commercial agriculture is distinguished from subsistence agriculture by all but which of the following?
A) low percentage of farmers in the labor force
B) farm size
C) heavy use of machinery
D) output consumed on the farm
E) surplus production

7Q-Which of the following is the most common form of commercial agriculture in Europe?
A) mixed crop and livestock farming
B) dairy farming
C) grain farming
D) livestock ranching
E) mediterranean agriculture

8Q-Mixing crops and livestock allows farmers to
A) distribute the workload of the crops and livestock evenly throughout the year.
B) generate 3/4ths of their income from the sale of livestock.
C) create a system where crops provide food for livestock and the livestock provide manure for crop fertilization.
D) all of the above.
E) none of the above.

9Q-After corn, the most important crop in the U.S. mixed crop and livestock region is
A) wheat.
B) soybeans.
C) barley.
D) fruits and vegetables.
E) sugar beets.

10Q-In the winter wheat area, the crop is planted in
A) autumn and harvested in summer.
B) winter and harvested in spring.
C) winter and harvested in autumn.
D) spring and harvested in summer.
E) spring and harvested in autumn.

11Q-In the United States many farms are integrated into a large food production industry. This is known as
A) agribusiness.
B) commercial farming.
C) food processing.
D) mechanized farming.
E) mixed crop and livestock farming.

12Q-Ranching has declined in the southwestern United States primarily because
A) crops yield more income per area.
B) the predominant breed of cattle has changed.
C) long-distance cattle drives are no longer practical.
D) the region lacks adequate water supplies.
E) export tariffs on beef.

13Q-Ranching is practiced in a climate region most similar to that of which other type of agriculture?
A) dairying
B) grain
C) pastoral nomadism
D) shifting cultivation
E) Mediterranean agriculture

14Q-The different areas of the world where Mediterranean agriculture predominates have similar
A) climate.
B) cultural beliefs.
C) broad expanses of flat land along sea coasts.
D) social customs.
E) levels of livestock production with the mixed crop and livestock regions.

15Q-Which of the following is least likely to be produced in Mediterranean agriculture?
A) butter
B) fruits
C) grapes
D) olives
E) cereals

16Q-The predominant form of agriculture in the U.S. Southeast is
A) mixed crop and livestock.
B) dairy farming.
C) Mediterranean agriculture.
D) commercial gardening.
E) plantation farming.

17Q-Unlike other forms of commercial agriculture, plantations are
A) part of agribusiness.
B) owned by people in less developed countries.
C) found primarily in less developed countries.
D) situated in densely populated locations.
E) all of the above


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1Q-The most important reason why most farmers in northeast China grow crops other than wet rice is A) cultural preference. B) tradition. C) climate. D) soil. E) harvesting wet rice requires expensive machinery. 1A-C) climate.

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