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1Q-Which of these industries is most dependent on low-cost labor?
A) automotive
B) electronics
C) steel
D) textile
E) fabricated machinery

2Q-Significant site factors include all but which of the following?
A) capital
B) labor
C) land
D) transportation
E) C and D

3Q-The average wage in MDCs compared to the average wage in LDCS is about
A) four times larger.
B) three times larger.
C) six times larger.
D) two times larger.
E) the same.

4Q-Central Europe offers an attractive combination of important site and situation factors: 
A) less skilled but cheaper labor than Western Europe.
B) more expensive but more skilled labor than Asia and Latin America.
C) proximity to markets.
D) A and B
E) all of the above

5Q-The U.S. Gulf Coast has become an important industrial area because of 
A) sea food processing.
B) just-in-time inventory management.
C) proximity to markets.
D) access to fluid capital.
E) access to oil and natural gas.

6Q-Both Europe and the United States have seen interregional shifts of manufacturing, but one difference is
A) in the United States, government policies have encouraged relocation.
B) in Europe, government policies have encouraged relocation.
C) concentration in Europe and diffusion in the United States.
D) concentration in the United States and diffusion in Europe.
E) movement to the west in Europe and to the east in the United States.

7Q-Steel production has declined during 1980-2008 most rapidly in
A) Europe.
B) Japan.
C) Russia.
D) the United States.

8Q-What Western European country has experienced the most rapid manufacturing growth since the late twentieth century?
A) Denmark
B) Germany
C) France
D) Italy
E) Spain

9Q-Between 1950 and 2009 the northeastern United States region lost ________ jobs, while the South and West gained ________ jobs.
A) 6 million; 2 million
B) 2 million; 6 million
C) 10 million; 8 million
D) 8 million; 10 million

10Q-Maintaining control over all phases of a highly complex production process is known as 
A) vertical integration.
B) the new international division of labor.
C) convergence.
D) right-to-work.

11Q-A main benefit for manufacturers of just-in-time delivery is 
A) that it reduces the money a manufacturer uses for wasteful inventory.
B) that it improves delivery time to the customer
C) that it allows the manufacturer to reduce factory size
D) A and B
E) A and C

12Q-The U.S. government distinguishes between foreign and domestic cars
A) for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to measure fuel efficiency.
B) for the U.S. Department of Treasury Customs Service to set tariffs.
C) for informing customers under the American Automobile Labeling Act.
D) all of the above
E) none of the above

13Q-What two location factors influence industries to remain in the northeastern United States and northwestern Europe?
A) global communications and fluid capital
B) cheap labor and high consumer demand
C) availability of raw materials and cheap energy
D) fluid capital and advantageous tariffs
E) skilled labor and rapid delivery to market

14Q-Spreading parts production and fabrication among many countries or communities
A) increases proximity to markets.
B) increases large corporations bargaining power with local governments and labor.
C) decreases the unequal distribution of industry.
D) leaves unmet consumer demand.
E) reduces transportation distances.

15Q-In contrast to Fordist production, Post-Fordist production is more likely to
A) introduce more flexible work rules.
B) place more importance on site factors.
C) assign each worker one task.
D) dominate transnational corporations.
E) require larger inventories of parts and components.

16Q-The new international division of labor reflects the growing importance of
A) outsourcing.
B) vertical integration.
C) access to raw materials.
D) new infrastructure.
E) just-in-time inventory management.


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1Q-Which of these industries is most dependent on low-cost labor? A) automotive B) electronics C) steel D) textile E) fabricated machinery 1A-D) textile

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