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1Q-If a country follows the rank-size rule, if the largest city has 1,000,000 inhabitants, how many people live in the fifth largest city? 
A) 50,000 
B) 100,000 
C) 200,000 
D) 500,000 
E) 5,000,000

2Q- If a country's largest city has 1,000,000 inhabitants and the second largest city has 200,000 inhabitants, the country follows what distribution? 
A) central place 
B) economic base 
C) primate city 
D) rank-size 
E) equidistant

3Q-Why is the absence of a rank-size distribution significant in a country like Romania? 
A) Consumers do not all have access to goods and services. 
B) The capital city Bucharest is a primate city. 
C) Consumers do not have to travel far for goods and services. 
D) Consumers are less likely to take buses to obtain goods and services. 
E) Central planning improved settlement distribution.

4Q-A market area is a good example of what kind of region? 
A) cultural 
B) formal 
C) functional 
D) uniform 
E) diverse

5Q-A firm that sells its products primarily to consumers outside its settlement is a 
A) basic industry. 
B) functional classification. 
C) nonbasic industry. 
D) primate city. 
E) consumer service.

6Q-Attracting a new basic industry is important to a community, primarily because it 
A) changes the community's functional classification. 
B) stimulates new nonbasic industries. 
C) disrupts the central place hierarchy. 
D) changes the nation's rank-size distribution of settlements. 
E) replaces obsolete industry.

7Q-The hierarchical organization of settlements by size is known as the 
A) primate city. 
B) economic base. 
C) gravity model. 
D) rank-size rule. 
E) nesting of settlements.

8Q-A primate city is 
A) a city with political, economic, and cultural functions. 
B) at least twice as large as the next smaller city. 
C) the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese. 
D) a rapidly growing city. 
E) the center of gravity for a hinterland.

9Q-A central place is a 
A) hinterland. 
B) market center. 
C) range of a good. 
D) rank-size distribution. 
E) circular settlement.

10Q-Which of the following is a basic economic activity? 
A) video rental store 
B) grocery store 
C) gas station 
D) steel mill 
E) travel agency


11Q-One of the most important basic activities in the southern Great Lakes region is 
A) manufacturing of durable goods. 
B) manufacturing of textiles. 
C) entertainment and recreation facilities. 
D) government and education. 
E) high technology services.


12Q-LDCs specialize in what two types of business services? 
A) management consulting and staff training 
B) regional command and control centers 
C) biotechnology and medical research 
D)entertainment and recreation 
E) offshore financial and back office

E) offshore financial and back office

13Q-What factors determine where back office services will locate in LDCs? 
A) political stability and cultural diversity 
B) market threshold and service range 
C) military training and proximity to command and control centers 
D) low wage rates and workers who can speak English 
E) tax advantages and bank secrecy laws


14Q-What technical development has allowed back office services to relocate to LDCs? 
A) telecommunications 
B) standard time zones 
C) improved public health services in tropical countries 
D) financial market reforms 
E) effective trademark enforcement


15Q-Recent decades have seen greatest employment increases in which consumer service sector? 
A) transportation 
B) retail 
C) health 
D) entertainment 
E) temporary employment



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1Q-If a country follows the rank-size rule, if the largest city has 1,000,000 inhabitants, how many people live in the fifth largest city? A) 50,000 B) 100,000 C) 200,000 D) 500,000 E) 5,000,000 1A-C) 200,000

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