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1Q-In 1880, Great Britain transferred which area to Canada?

2Q-Why does Ontario have the largest number of seats in the House of Commons?

3Q-The National Energy Program (1980) was developed under which government?

4Q-The purpose of Equalization programs is to address matters related to which of the following?

5Q-The Red River Colony became the nucleus of which city?

6Q-The Arctic community of Iqaluit was formerly known as what?

7Q-Modern treaties between the federal government and First Nations peoples are
classified as what?

8Q-In the Royal Proclamation of 1763 issued by King George III, which of the following was identified as a part of British territory west of the Appalachian Mountains?

9Q-In the early 1600s, the French had two objectives in forming an alliance with the
Huron Confederacy: to secure a supply of furs and to do what?

10Q-Who was the leader of the Red River Rebellion (1869)?

11Q-In 1763, New France was ceded to Britain with the signing of which agreement?

12Q-The seigneurial system featured what type of landholdings?

13Q-The seigneurial system was this:

14Q-Following the American War of Independence, where did the majority of Loyalists settle?

15Q-The Northwest Rebellion (1885) was based in the Metis colony located where?

16Q-When did Quebec's 'Quiet Revolution' occur?

17Q-In 1967, who uttered the words 'Vive le Quebec libre' from the balcony of
Montreal's City Hall?

18Q-From a geopolitical perspective, what kind of country is Canada?

19Q-Upper and Lower Canada united in 1841 under the provisions of the:

20Q-Who was the Minister of the Interior responsible for recruiting peasants from
Tsarist Russia to settle on the Canadian Prairies?


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1Q-In 1880, Great Britain transferred which area to Canada? 1A-Arctic Archipelago

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