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1Q-Which physiographic region was formed in the Precambrian era?

2Q-Which is the largest physiographic region in Canada?

3Q-Today, where are the largest glaciers in Canada found?

4Q-The most recent advance of continental ice reached as far south as which US state?

5Q-When approximately was the maximum southerly extent of the most recent
continental ice sheet reached?

6Q-As a result of tectonic activity, the British Columbia coast is vulnerable to which of the following?

7Q-Cirques and aretes are landforms found where?

8Q-The rocks that make up the Interior Plains were formed by sediments deposited by which of the following?

9Q-In the Interior Plains, oil and gas deposits are found in sedimentary structures known as what?

10Q-The Arctic Lands region stretches over nearly what percentage of the area of

11Q-The highest point (elevation) in Canada between Labrador and the Rocky Mountains is found where?

12Q-Which one of the following characteristics is common to both the Interior Plains and the Great Lakes/St Lawrence Lowlands?

13Q-'Climate' is a term used to describe the average condition of what?

14Q-In the Koppen classification of climate types, the Canadian prairies belong to which category?

15Q-Which one of the following is not a factor controlling Canada's climate?

16Q-In which city would the difference between January and July temperatures be

17Q-Which term refers to the last 10,000 years of Earth's history?


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1Q-Which physiographic region was formed in the Precambrian era? 1A-The Canadian Shield

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