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1Q-Subsidence is a consequence of what?

2Q-Over the past 50 years, what has happened to the worldwide volume of glacial ice?

3Q-When, approximately, did the little Ice Age take place?

4Q-Increasing levels of anthropogenic air pollution began with which event?

5Q-What is the second longest river in North America?

6Q-The Hudson Bay drainage basin serves as a boundary between which regions?

7Q-Discontinuous permafrost occurs in what type of areas?

8Q-Which term describes barren areas of bare rock, shattered bedrock, and sterile

9Q-Which term refers to the condition of the leeward slopes of mountains, which receive less precipitation than the windward slopes?

10Q-Which of the following locations receives the highest annual precipitation?

11Q-What causes Norman Wells, located near the Arctic Circle, to have warmer July
temperatures than St John's, NL?

12Q-The Subarctic climate zone is associated with which soil type?

13Q-Which glacial water body once covered much of Manitoba, northwestern Ontario, and eastern Saskatchewan?

14Q-The Theory of Uniformitarianism is:

15Q-T/F The Rocky Mountains are a prime example of the denudation of an ancient mountain chain.

16Q-T/F The Arctic Lands consist of a dozen large islands and many small islands that together are known as the Arctic Archipelago

17Q-T/F Each physiographic region in Canada has a different geological structure.

18Q-T/F The Arctic Lands region in Canada has two principle subunits

19Q-T/F The Appalachian uplands region represents about 10 per cent of Canada's land mass

20Q-T/F The lowest average annual precipitation occurs in the Territorial North

21Q-T/F The classification used in this course identifies six physiographic regions in Canada

22Q-T/F Sedimentary rocks are created by tremendous pressures and high temperatures beneath the earth's surface.

23Q-T/F The Canadian Shield has more uniform 'relief' that the Hudson Bay Lowlands

24Q-T/F The Canadian Shield is the geological core of the North American continent

25Q-T/F The pleistocene epoch began 200 million years ago.

26Q-T/F The late Wisconsin ice sheet reached its maximum southerly extent about 18,000 years ago

27Q-T/F In geological terms, the Cordillera is the oldest region in Canada

28Q-T/F Cirques and aretes are landforms created by alpine glaciers

29Q-T/F The Interior Plains are underlain by sedimentary rock

30Q-T/F The Alberta Badlands were formed at the end of the last ice age

31Q-T/F If you were standing at the absolute location determined by 0 degrees latitude, 0degrees longitude, you would be in the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England.

32Q-T/F As distance from oceans increases, the annual temperature range (January to July) decreases.

33Q-T/F Even though Norman Wells (65 degrees N) is further north than St John's (43degrees N), July temperatures in Norman Wells are warmer than St John's.

34Q-T/F The largest climatic zone in Canada is the Subarctic zone

35Q-T/F Permafrost is found in all six of Bone's geographic regions of Canada

36Q-T/F The largest drainage basin in Canada is the Atlantic Basin

37Q-T/F The terms 'global warming' and 'climate change' mean exactly the same thing

38Q-T/F The chief source of the greenhouse effect is the burning of fossil fuels

39Q-T/F Canada has the longest coastline in the world

40Q-T/F The pacific climate zone is characterized by warm to cool summers and mild winters.

41Q-T/F In general, the global circulation of air masses causes air to flow from east to west in Canada.

42Q-T/F The term 'climate' has the same meaning as the term 'weather'

43Q-T/F Long, narrow mounds of sand and gravel that wind their way across glaciated landscapes are known as drumlins

44Q-T/F The Canadian Shield was formed in the Precambrian era


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1Q-Subsidence is a consequence of what? 1A-Melting permafrost

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