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1Q-Expressions of regional belonging and consciousness are contained in which geographic concept?

2Q-Professors Harm de Blij and David Murphy observed that 'geography is destiny'.

3Q-Which of the following is an example of a formal region?

The Black Chernozemic Soil zone

The following statement best describes which region of Canada? "Its economy is dominated by resource extraction but more workers are employed in sectors other than the primary sector"

4Q-________ is a region characterized by two distinct cultures sharing the same physical and political space.

5Q-Which of the following is not likely to change the nature of Canada and its regions in the future?

6Q-Within Friedmann's notion of the core/periphery model, regions can ____.

7Q-Which of the following most accurately characterizes Northern Ontario?

8Q-Canada's main export market today is which of the following?

9Q-In which region do Aboriginal Peoples make up the majority of the population?

10Q-Which of the following is not a major tradition of geography identified by Pattison?

11Q-At the time of Confederation, _________ was Canada's major trading partner.

12Q-Regionalism in Canada is a function of ___________.

13Q-This scholar argued that Canada's regional economic development has historically depended upon the exploitation and export of primary products.

14Q-This scholar proposed a variant of the core/ periphery model called "World Systems Theory"

15Q-What region has the greatest number of Aboriginal peoples?

16Q-Regional Self- Interest is a logical outcome of which of the following?

17Q-In what year did Canada institute the Official Languages Act?



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1Q-Expressions of regional belonging and consciousness are contained in which geographic concept? 1A-Sense of place

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