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1Q-The term "faultline", used metaphorically in this course, refers to which of the following?

2Q-The regional conceptualization of Canada used in this course consists of how many regions?

3Q-Which region contributes the largest share of GDP to the Canadian total?

4Q-What proportion of Canada's population lives in the Territorial North?

5Q-Approximately what proportion of Canada's population lives in Ontario and Quebec combined?

6Q-In what region do Aboriginal peoples make up the majority of the population?

7Q-Speculation as to whether or not the world economy has entered a new super cycle is based on recent explosive growth in which countries?

8Q-Which of the following statements best characterises the Auto Pact?

9Q-Which country is Canada's largest trading partner in terms of exports?

10Q-Placelessness is, in part, a consequence of what?

11Q-Collective experience and shared aspirations lie at the head of which of the following?

12Q-What two regions are characterized as being upward transitional?

13Q-The Staples thesis is associated with which theorist?

14Q-Which theory is based on the assumption that manufacturing cores have an inherent advantage over resource- based peripheries because, over time, prices for manufactured good increase more rapidly than those for resources?

15Q-The core- periphery model shows the influence of __________.

16Q-Which of the following best characterizes Atlantic Canada?

17Q-The Atlantic Accord, signed between the federal government and the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, related to which of the following?

18Q-Which two regions are characterized as being rapidly growing, according to the core/periphery model?

19Q-The term "staples trap" refers to the collapse of an economy based on which if the following?


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1Q-The term "faultline", used metaphorically in this course, refers to which of the following? 1A-Cracks in the earth's crust

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