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1Q-T/F The core/periphery model helps us to understand the socio-economic processes behind Canada's regionalization, but not the nature of Canada's regionalization.

2Q-T/F The definition "Geography is destiny" suggests that for most people, place is the most powerful determinant of their life chances, experiences, and opportunities.

3Q-T/F Regional geography emphasizes study of a particular part of the world.

4Q-T/F At one time or another each of Canada's regions have had struggles with Ottawa.

5Q-T/F Regional self-interest is the logical outcome of regional identity of consciousness.

6Q-T/F All the coastal boundaries of Canada are recognized by other nations.

7Q-T/F Ontario, like all other regions of Canada, has internal, or sub-regions

8Q-T/F Distinguishing characteristics of regions include area, population, economic strength, proportion of French- speaking and Aboriginal peoples, as well as material resources and economic activity.

9Q-T/F Regions are static, rather than dynamic.

10Q-T/F By 2011, nearly two thirds of Canadians resided west of Ontario

11Q-T/F Faultlines within Canada are not always active.

12Q-T/F There are more than 600 First nations in Canada

13Q-T/F The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1989.

14Q-T/F Trade between Canada and the US declined after signing of the Free Trade Agreement

15Q-T/F Canada's pluralistic society is a result of social policy

16Q-T/F Canada's pluralistic society is a result of economic policy

17Q-T/F In physical area, Ontario is the largest of Canada's regions

18Q-T/F Between 2001 and 2010 Canada's share of exports to the US decreased

19Q-T/F Less than one per cent of Canada's population lives in the Territorial North

20Q-T/F Economies of scale result in higher production costs

21Q-T/F Aboriginal Canadians comprise the largest share of the population in British Columbia

22Q-T/F The smallest region in terms of geographic area is Atlantic Canada

23Q-T/F In the core/ periphery model, economic power lies in the periphery

24Q-T/F Atlantic Canada is a "resource frontier" region, according to the core/periphery model.

25Q-T/F Super cycles are periods of high global growth driven by the emergence of large, new economies

26Q-T/F Of Canada's six regions, British Columbia has the largest share of its labour force employed in the secondary sector.

27Q-T/F In the core/ periphery model, periphery regions control the core.

28Q-T/F In the regional version of the core/ periphery model, the Territorial North is classified as a "downward transitional region"

29Q-T/F In Quebec, nearly 80 per cent of the population declares French as their mother tongue.

30Q-T/F Canada's regions reflect the political structure of Canada


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1Q-T/F The core/periphery model helps us to understand the socio-economic processes behind Canada's regionalization, but not the nature of Canada's regionalization. 1A-True

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