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1Q-If a manufacturing company uses a single, weight-losing raw material to manufacture its finished product, then most likely the company will

2Q-In descriptions of interaction between people and the environment, the term "environmental determinism" implies that

3Q-Which of the following is an example of a shatterbelt region?

4Q-A country in the first stage of demographic transition demonstrates which of the following?

5Q-The map shown above best fits which of the following map types?

6Q-In contrast to folk culture, popular culture is typical of

7Q-Which of the following religions is appropriately matched with its region of origin?

8Q-Which of the following is South Africa's former state-sanctioned policy of segregating the races?

9Q-Which of the following variables has an inverse or negative relationship with the level of economic development of a country?

10Q-A set of economic and political relationships that organizes food production from the development of seed to marketing products is known as

11Q-The urban linguistic landscape shown in the photograph above is most likely found in a region where which of the following languages is spoken?

12Q-In which of the following pairs do both countries exhibit zero or negative population growth rates?

13Q-The boundaries of congressional districts of the United States are

14Q-Often a manufacturing company will attempt to merge with another company that possesses forward or backward links in the supply or production process. Which of the following terms best describes this type of strategy?

15Q-At some point in their recent history, all of the following countries became divided into two political entities as a result of cultural or ideological conflict EXCEPT

16Q-Genetic engineering of agricultural crops has primarily increased the productivity of modern farming by

17Q-All of the terms listed in the box above could be used to illustrate what concept?

18Q-Which of the following describes the connection between land values and population density?

19Q-The diffusion pattern of Walmart stores, which have spread from small towns to large cities throughout the United States, is an example of

20Q-The industrialization and mechanization of agriculture in the Unites States during the past 70 years have resulted in

21Q-In the development of urban land, which of the following is typically built on the most accessible sites?

22Q-Which of the following is the most often cited environmental benefit of the eat-local movement?

23Q-Which of the following groups would most likely engage in the gentrification of an older residential neighborhood?


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1Q-If a manufacturing company uses a single, weight-losing raw material to manufacture its finished product, then most likely the company will 1A-locate its manufacturing plant at the raw material site

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