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1Q-_____ is a law that divided much of the united states into townships to facilitate the sale of land to settlers.

2Q-_____the numbering system used to indicate the location of parallels drawn on a globe and measuring distance north and south of the equator

3Q-The position of anything on Earth's surface.

4Q-The numbering system used to indicate the location of meridians drawn on a globe and measuring distance east and west of the prime meridian

5Q-A two dimensional, or flat, representation of earths surface or portion of it

6Q-every presentation of a portion of earths surface based on what an individual knows about a place, containing personal impressions of what is in a place and were places are located

7Q-an arc drawn on a map between the north and south poles

8Q-a circle drawn around the globe parallel to the equator and at right angles to the meridians

9Q-The geometric or regular arrangement of something in a study area.

10Q-the number of people per unit area of arable land

11Q-A specific point on Earth distinguished by a particular character.

12Q-Land created by the Dutch by draining water from an area.

13Q-viewpoint that people, not environments, are the dynamic forces of cultural developme

14Q-0 degrees longitude

15Q-the north south lines separating townships

16Q-The system used to transfer locations from Earth's surface to a flat map.

17Q-An area distinguished by a unique combination of trends or features.

18Q-an approach to geography that emphasizes the relationships among social and physical phenomena in a particular study area

19Q-the spread of an idea through physical movement of people from one place to another

20Q-the collection of data from a distance

21Q-any necessity of life, such as water, nutrients, light, food, or space

22Q-Specify a percentage of original size to enlarge or reduce the size of an object.

23Q-a square normally 1 mile on a side

24Q-The physical character of a place

25Q-the location of a place relative to other places

26Q-The physical gap or interval between two objects

27Q-describes the reduction in the time it takes for something to reach another place.

28Q-The spread of an underlying principle, even though a specific characteristic is rejected.

29Q-The name given to a portion of Earth's surface.

30Q-A subdivision of a county that has its own government

31Q-A corporation delivering services to at least two countries.

32Q-development of core regions at the expense of those on the periphery

33Q-an area that people believe exists as part of their cultural identity


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1Q-_____ is a law that divided much of the united states into townships to facilitate the sale of land to settlers. 1A-Land Ordinance of 1785

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