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1Q-This is water that is in the ground.

2Q-A pool of water that is stores underground.

3Q-These are pore spaces that are partly filled with water.

4Q-These are spaces that are filled with water.

5Q-This is the very rim of an aquifer.

6Q-Any area that infiltrates earth's soil and manages to find an aquifer.

7Q-The biggest dam in the world that is located on the Yangzte river. It is about a 1.5 mile wide on the river. It provides electricity, flood control, and a boat passage for consumers. Negatives: Cost 3.9 Billion dollars to build, submerged 10,000 year old historical sites, removed 1.24 million people from their homes in the area.

8Q-The Aral sea has shrunk approximately 80% in 45 years. Two of the rivers that lead into the aral sea were irrigated in order to give water to cotton fields. As a result of this 60,000 fishing jobs have been depleted and the dust from sea is filled with pesticides.

9Q-This is when salt and other minerals are removed from the water so that it is drinkable. It can either go through a process called reverse osmosis or the water can evaporate. The thing about these processes are that they are very expensive, so it impossible for a company to be able to continue working when there is no more money.

10Q-This is pollution that comes from a specific source that can be identified. These are like large factories that release gasses up into the air that we can see.

11Q-This is pollution that does not have an identifiable source because there are too many of them. For example, anyone driving their cars are causing non point source pollution.

12Q-The Federal Water Pollution Control Act (1972) was renamed the Clean Water Act in 1977. This made it illegal to discharge pollution without a permit, set standards for industrial wastewater, and funded sewage treatment plants.

13Q-Water people have used in some way (household, manufacturing, stormwater runoff, etc.). It is treated before being released into the environment.

14Q-Material from toilet goes out to concrete tank about the size of our table and the solids settle to the bottom and the liquid goes out a drain pipe that has holes in it and the liquid will filter out to soil and the soil will break down anything left over and then every few years the tank will be piped out so the solids can go to landfill or be incinerated.

15Q-Physically removes contaminants in settling tanks (clarifiers)

16Q-Water is stirred and aerated. Aerobic bacteria degrade organic pollutants. Water is treated with chlorine (and/or ultraviolet light) and piped into rivers or the ocean.


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1Q-This is water that is in the ground. 1A-Groundwater

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