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1Q-Define subsistence farming:

2Q-Oil and aluminum are _______ resources

3Q-Service industries do not have _______

4Q-What is population density?

5Q-What important skill allowed certain cultures to settle near rivers?

6Q-What is the overwhelming reason why people move to cities?

7Q-Define culture (glossary definition)

8Q-Where is most of Earth's freshwater found?

9Q-What is the most common result of condensation?

10Q-Who is most often credited with solving the problem of determining accurate longitude?

11Q-In what phase of the water cycle does water move from earth's surface to the air?

12Q-Which of the 5 themes of Geography tells you what a location looks like?

13Q-Define plate tectonics (glossary)

14Q-Which of the five themes of geography describes how people in one place make contact with people from another place?

15Q-What grid system is often used to describe absolute location?

16Q-What landform is usually found in the area where a river is close to the ocean?



19Q-Human/Environment interaction:



22Q-What's the difference between location and absolute location?

23Q-How does the Earth's movement/position affect the seasons?



26Q-Define aquifer:

27Q-How do wind/water currents affect climate?

28Q-What is a rain shadow?

29Q-Example of surface runoff_____.

30Q-Example of evaporation______.

31Q-How does a GPS work?

32Q-What are the three ways of GPS?

33Q-River settlements:

34Q-How are cultural regions divided?


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1Q-Define subsistence farming: 1A-Farming that only provides a family's needs

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