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1Q-They conquered the Central Asian area in the mid 1800's______.

2Q-Although Turkmenistan is a desert, about half of it is planted with_______.

3Q-The Central Asia area has how many main alphabets________.

4Q-Richest Central Asian country________.

5Q-One focus for the Indian government is resolving conflicts with the country of______.

6Q-SriLanka is a large island country located how many miles of India's coast_______.

7Q-The ________ are home to the world's highest mountains.

8Q-The highest mountain on the planet, located on the border between Nepal and China is_______.

9Q-Strips of cloth worn wrapped around the body of many Southeast Asian______.

10Q-The Philippines' main island with a capital of Manila is_______.

11Q-Southeast Asia is made up of two peninsulas called the Malay and the_____.

12Q-Used to be called Siam______.

13Q-Ninety-two percent of Chinese people of of this ethnic group_______.

14Q-A serious problem for China is the loss of farmland and_______.

15Q-Capital of Taiwan_______.

16Q-Capital of Mongolia_______.

17Q-In the past, most people in Korea followed Confucianism and______.

18Q-Fraction of South Koreans that are Christian________.

19Q-Physical feature that covers seventy-five percent of Japan________.

20Q-Year in which Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor______.

21Q-Recently, international debate arose over Iran's expanding_______.

22Q-The country of Iran says it's using nuclear power only to create_________.

23Q-The Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow through_______.

24Q-Saudi Arabia's government_________.


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1Q-They conquered the Central Asian area in the mid 1800's______. 1A-Russians

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