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1Q-What country is famous for fjords?

2Q-What is famous for its enormous rock in the Mediterranean(UK Territory)?

3Q-Where does the pope live?

4Q-What island Nordic country is the land of hot springs and geysers?

5Q-Where is the Emerald Isle?

6Q-What are the four regions of the UK?

7Q-What is the importance of peat?

8Q-Who is the biggest food producer in Western Europe?

9Q-What are the Benelux countries?

10Q-What two countries do the Pyrenees separate

11Q-Where does Liechtenstein lie between?

12Q-What peninsula does Greece lie on?

13Q-What peninsula does Portugal lie on?

14Q-What peninsula does Denmark lie on?

15Q-What peninsula does San Marino lie on?

16Q-What city is the official UN headquarters?

17Q-What is the city of light?

18Q-What is the Austrian center of culture?

19Q-What city is Oktoberfest in?

20Q-Carpathians take up 1/3 of what country? Moldova was a part of what country?

21Q-What are the two mountain ranges in Bulgaria?

22Q-What country in former Yugoslavia had/has conflicts with many of its neighbors?

23Q-The Danube separates what two parts of Hungary?

24Q-Why is Poland easy for invasion?

25Q-What is the former name for Czech Republic and Slovakia?

26Q-What is the most important waterway in Ukraine?

27Q-What is the Romanian language based on?

28Q-Where is Lake Balaton found?

29Q-What was the type of economy in Eastern Europe countries after the USSR collapse?

30Q-What countries make up the Baltic states?

31Q-What is Ukraine's nickname?

32Q-What is Bulgarian language written in?

33Q-Chernobyl was where?

34Q-What were the two races between the US and the USSR?

35Q-What is NATO?

36Q-When was the Warsaw Pact created?

37Q-Why was the Warsaw Pact created?

38Q-What is the dominant religion in Russia?

39Q-What two seas are the Caucasus Mountains are between?

40Q-What is the last Czar family name?

41Q-very few people hold most of the wealth and power(monopoly)

42Q-What are two serious consequences of melting permafrost?

43Q-What are two challenges to Russia's forest industry?

44Q-What are the three layers of soil from top to bottom?

45Q-What mountain range separates Europe and Siberia?

46Q-What are the three Caucasus Republics?

47Q-Armenia was the first country to do what with their religion?

48Q-What is Armenia's religion?

49Q-What is the region of conflict due to religion in Armenia?

50Q-What two countries' ethnic conflicts developed into devastating genocide?

51Q-What does the suffix -stan mean?

52Q-What is the highest mountain in Central Asia?

53Q-What mountain range makes up most of Kyrgyzstan?

54Q-Most of Turkmenistan is made up of what desert?

55Q-What two regions of the world did the Silk Road link?

56Q-What is the health issue of the Aral Sea?

57Q-Why is the Aral Sea dry?



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1Q-What country is famous for fjords? 1A-Norway

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