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1Q-In the text, the example of a twenty-seven-month-old boy who fears he will die if not given a bottle of sugar water is intended to show that?

2Q-For seriously ill older children and adolescents concern with death focuses on______________.

3Q-Which of the following BEST categorizes the concerns for seriously ill children ages five to nine?

4Q-Which of the following coping mechanisms are used by children to cope with serious illness

5Q-Agreement to a proposed treatment or procedure is__________________

6Q-Which was the first free-standing children's end-of-life care facility in the US?

7Q-If a child believe he or she may have played a role in the events that led to a death, what emotions might they feal____________.

8Q-A parent's death is perceived as a loss or security, affection and_______.

9Q-Of all the deaths that may be experienced in childhood, the most affecting is likely to be the death of a_______________.

10Q-Children can experience "survivor's guilt" as young as__________

11Q-Coping is most likely to become complicated when the death of a parent results from_____________.

12Q--All of the following are support groups that help children cope with death EXCEPT

13Q-When parents explain death to children, they should____________

14Q-When talking to children about death, it is important to_________________.

15Q-When discussing death with a child, an adult should_________________.

16A-How children can become confused about metiphores

17Q-The well child in a family where a sibling or parent is terminally ill________________.

18Q-When a child is dealing with emotional pain, admonishing the child t "be brave" is_________________.

19Q-In explaining death to children, how are statements like "gone away for a long sleep" and "up in heaven" perceived?

20Q-When discussing death in conjunction with religious belief, parents should?

21Q-When a child is ill or a death occurs in the family, sudden changes in family communication patterns can be?

22Q-What is bibliotherapy


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1Q-In the text, the example of a twenty-seven-month-old boy who fears he will die if not given a bottle of sugar water is intended to show that? 1A-Children form a concept about death early in life

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