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1Q-The ways individuals cope with loss____________________.

2Q-The stage of psychological development termed "young adulthood" is represented by tension between_______________.

3Q-Which stage of psychological development is characterized by a widening commitment to take care of people, things, and ideas one has learned to care for?

4Q-According to Erik Erikson, the final stage of the life cycle is______________.

5Q-Among the Cree of North America , infants were given moccasins with holes in them so that Ghosts would not take them away "because their moccasins need mending" this example is intended to show?

6Q-A major source of conflict among bereaved couples in coping with the death of a child relates to_________________________.

7Q-What is TRUE about parental bereavement in couples?

8Q-Which factors work to reduce conflict and promote positive interaction between grieving couples who have lost a child by death?

9Q-As medically defined, stillbirth refers to the death of a child occurring between________________.

10Q-Giving up a child for adoption is an example of_______________.

11Q-At the Hase Temple in Kamakura, Japan, Mizuko represents______________.

12Q-For newly bereaved parents of a stillborn child, a way of realizing and coping with loss is aided by________________.

13Q-Cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) have sometimes been subject for criminal investigation because____________

114Q-The major cause of death among children between 4-14 years old is____________.

15Q-What is a death "out of sequence"?

16Q-Which of the following organizations combine social support group with political advocacy?

17Q-Adverse effects of spousal death appears to be more common among?

18Q-The twenty-first century is being characterized as century of______________.

19Q-What are some reasons given by old people for accepting death?

20Q-Senescence is_______________.

21Q-In contrast to their stereotypical image, old people tend to be more what?



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1Q-The ways individuals cope with loss____________________. 1A-The patterns of coping with loss continues to evolve throughout a person's life span.

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