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1Q-In japan, karoshi is_____________.

2Q-When behavior involves doing dangerous things just for the thrill of it, it may represent___________

3Q-In what fraction of all murders is a gun used

4Q-What is the most characteristic feature of the modern war machine

5Q-According to studies by the international red cross, what percentage of casualties in modern warfare are civilians rather than military combatants

6Q-A characteristic self-protective human response to mass death and human carnage is________________.

7Q-According to Arnold Toynbee, one of the conventions of warfare that turns civilians into soldiers is________

8Q-In combat situations, most soldiers are motivated to fight because of their_______

9Q-War creates a "phantom army" composed of_______________

10Q-In his classic work, On War, Karl von Clausewitz defined war as__________

11Q-Genocide involves efforts to_____________

12Q-The media's ambiguity and uncertainty about the actual death toll during a war is______________.

13Q-The aim of terrorism is to______________.

14Q-What media played a vital role in the exchange of information following the World Trade Center attack on 9/11

15Q-Aaron Beck describes terrorists as_________

16Q-What term is sometimes used to refer to the self-initiated isolation and social withdrawal of people dying with AIDS?

17Q-In recent years the greatest impact of AIDS in the united states has been among?

18Q-In parts of the world other than the United States, AIDS is transmitted primarily through______________.

19Q-The most affected region in the world, where 11 million children have been orphaned by AIDS is



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1Q-In japan, karoshi is_____________. 1A-sudden death from overwork

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