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1Q-Confederate plan to enlist England's aid in return for continued cotton shipments.

2Q-announcement freeing Confederate slaves.

3Q-battle in Maryland that resulted in Lee's retreat to Virginia.

4Q-battle near Manassas Junction, Virginia, in 1861.

5Q-Confederate attack that helped push Union forces out of Virginia.

6Q-battle in which Union troops gained greater control of the Mississippi River valley.

7Q-used in the Civil War to block all ships coming in and out of the southern ports by the navy.

8Q-ships that were heavily armored with iron.

9Q-it was the major Union army in the eastern front led by George McClellan fought in first Battle of Bull Run.

10Q-constitutional protection against unlawful imprisonment.

11Q-heroic unit of African American soldiers.

12Q-speech in which Lincoln renewed his commitment to winning the war.

13Q-three-day battle that Confederates lost.

14Q-disastrous attempt by Pickett's troops to storm Cemetery Ridge.

15Q-also known as the march to the sea, this part of the army swept through Georgia burning a path that was 60 mile wide.

16Q-Border States

17Q-series of battles in which Grant tried to take Richmond.

18Q-strategy in which both civilian and military resources are destroyed.

19Q-Union General whose troops won several important battles on southern soil.

20Q-general sent by President Lincoln to capture Richmond.

21Q-Union general with two-part strategy for defeating the Confederacy.

22Q-Union general who cut a path of destruction across Georgia.

23Q-federal post in Charleston, South Carolina, that surrendered to the Confederacy.

24Q-army volunteer whose work became the basis for the American Red Cross.

25Q-nickname for the Peace Democrats.

26Q-escaped slaves

27Q-the place where Lee surrendered to Grant.


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1Q-Confederate plan to enlist England's aid in return for continued cotton shipments. 1A-Cotton Diplomacy

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