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1Q-Monism means believing in only one God

2Q-one way Jains express devotion is through pilgrimages to holy places

3Q-Ahimsa is the concept of sacrificing material possessions

4Q-Hindus believe time and creation are an on-going cycle

5Q-Gobind Singh was the fifth and final Sikh guru

6Q-"Sky- clad" Janists believe women need to be born agains as men to be enlightened

7Q-An Adi Granth is the central structure of worship in a Sikh community

8Q-Hindus believe everyone has an atman

9Q-The Upanishads are ancient Jainist texts composed between 900 and 200 B.C.

10Q-When a Hindu is married, he/she enters the "sannyasin" stage of life

11Q-Japan is considered an economic tiger

12Q-The Mongol dynasty of China was the second largest in history

13Q-Taoism originated in India

14Q-One way to translate Chuang Tzu is "The Way and Its Power"

15Q-Both Buddhism and Hinduism teach the doctrine of Samsara

16Q-Siddhartha Gautma remained Ascetic for all of his life

17Q-The Dalai Lama serves as the head of the Tibetan government

18Q-Teaching, and not the Buddha himself, play the predominant role in Buddhism

19Q-In China, the Taoists believed in the importance of law

20Q-Kublai Khan welcomed the explorer Christopher Columbus

21Q-The world's largest Muslim church was built in the Ivory Coast

22Q-Animists believe dead souls are part of the natural environment

23Q-Portugal was the first country to establish trading posts in Africa

24Q-The Nile River is easy to navigate

25Q-Aksum is located in present day Ethiopia

26Q-The compass is believed to the world's first scientific instrument

27Q-Constant Warfare is one of the reasons why Lake Chad is disappearing

28Q-St. Mark the Evangelist started the first Christian church in Africa

29Q-Lateen Sails were invented by the chinese

30Q-The Beta Israel reside mainly in Egypt

31Q-The Portuguese were the first Europeans to establish a station in South Africa

32Q-In Malawi, it was legal to kill bushman as a sport

33Q-Apartheid is the Belgian word for "separatism"

34Q-The Congo river crosses the equator once

35Q-Ethiopia was the only East African Country never to be a European colony

36Q-Nearly fifty percent of the continent of Africa lies within the tropics

37Q-HIV and high unemployment are two continuing problems in South Africa

38Q-The elephant is endemic to the Kalahari Desert

39Q-Umchwasho is a chastity rite which King Mswati III proclaimed for Zimbabwe

40Q-In South Africa, the PAC was established before the ANC

41Q-Lake Titicaca is located between Bolivia and Argentina

42Q-Tapirs are the largest living rodents in the southern hemisphere

43Q-Spain colonized every country in Central America except Bolivia

44Q-Four out five South Americans are Roman Catholic

45Q-The six countries of Central America form and isthmus

46Q-Christopher Columbus journeyed to the New World 5 times

47Q-South America is the fourth largest continent in the world

48Q-The Mayans independently developed the concept of the number zero

49Q-The Aztecs believed that each human being was an axis mundi to the divine

50Q-The Aztec Empire ended after the Incan Empire


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1Q-Monism means believing in only one God 1A-False; Monotheism

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