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1Q-Englishman-- got the Jamestown folks to start planting tobacco, which became a huge cash crop in Virginia.

2Q-When the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth on the Mayflower, they all signed a document agreeing to obey the laws that were made. The document was called the --

3Q--- was known as the sewer colony, at least to the Puritans of massachusetts

4Q-the southern colony of-- was founded by James Oglethorpe and served as a buffer between Spanish Florida and the other English colonies

5Q- ----- was one of the colonies that spun off from Massachusetts.

6Q-These are the three main reasons why settlements wanted to be made in the new world. Puritans wanted to spread christianity by converting the indians, some men wanted gold, and others just wanted it for the glory and nationalism for their country

7Q-first permanent English settlement. John Rolfe created the cash crop in Virginia when he began planting tobacco- bad location because

8Q-leader of the Pamonkey tribe, showed ambivalence towards the English. Although the English had many men and guns, the Indians quickly learned their ways and realized they were nothing since they were starving themselves because no women were brought over. Powhatan wanted the English guns and technology most of all
*created confederacy

9Q-*example of a proprietary colony
one of the first settlers of Pennsylvania
*quaker colony/very tolerant

10Q-Discuss the colonists' attitudes/feelings regarding their own colonial governments

11Q-Discuss the horror that was the Middle Passage

12Q-France claimed two main waterways in North America. What were they? And, what was France's strategy

13Q-What was the counter reformation and how did it affect what was going on in North America?

14Q-Discuss the differences between the different types of English colonies- royal, proprietary, and corporate

15Q-the indians that traded with the French were able to improve their lives immensely with the French goods. explain

16Q-the famed witch trials took place in--, Massachusetts

17Q-Frenchman-- sailed down the Mississippi and claimed the entire Mississippi valley for France

18Q-the colony of-- was a refuge for Catholics

19Q-three countries vying for power in North America

20Q-the first elected representatives body in the English colonies was--


22Q-Roger williams

23Q-samuel de champlain


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1Q-Englishman-- got the Jamestown folks to start planting tobacco, which became a huge cash crop in Virginia. 1A-John Rolfe

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