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1Q-What is Tissue?

2Q-What is Histology?

3Q-Major types of tissues

4Q-Extracellular Matrix (ECM)

5Q-What is Epithelial?

6Q-What is Connective?

7Q-What is Primary Germ Layers?

8Q-What is Endoderm?

9Q-What is Mesoderm?

10Q-What is Ectoderm?

11Q-What is Stem cells?

12Q-What is Embryonic Stem Cells?

13Q-What is Totipotent?

14Q-What is Pluripotent?

15Q-What is Adult stem cells?

16Q-What is Multipotent?                                     

17Q-What is Unipotent?

18Q-two types of epithelial tissue arrangements

19Q-Sheet or membrane Epithelium

20Q-Solid cord or tubule Epithelium

21Q-What is Simple Epithelium?

22Q-What is Stratified Epithelium?

23Q-What is Squamous?

24Q-What is Cuboidal?

25Q-What is Columnar?

26Q-What is Apical Surface?

27Q-What is Basal Surface?

28Q-What is Basement membrane?

29Q-What is Basal Lamina?

30Q-What is Reticular Lamina?

31Q-Simple Squamous Epithelium

32Q-Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

33Q-Simple Columnar Epithelium

34Q-What is microvilli?

35Q-What is cilia?

36Q-What is goblet cells?

37Q-Psuedostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium

38Q-Stratified Squamous Epithelium

39Q-Nonkeratinized Stratified Squamous Epithelium

40Q-Keratinized Stratified Squamous Epithelium

41Q-Transitional Epithelium

42Q-What is Glands?

43Q-What is secretion?

44Q-What is excretion?

45Q-What is Unicellular Glands?

46Q-What is Multicellular Glands?

47Q-What is Exocrine Gland?

48Q-What is Endocrine Gland?

49Q-What is Merocrine (eccrine)?

50Q-What is Apocrine?

51Q-What is Holocrine?

52Q-Types of Secretion:

53Q-What is Serous Glands?

54Q-What is Mucous Glands?

55Q-What is Mixed Glands?

56Q-What is Cytogenic Glands?

57Q-What is connective tissues?

58Q-What is extracellular matrix (ECM)?

59Q-3 types of protein fibers in the ECM

60Q-collagenous (white) fibers

61Q-elastic (yellow) fibers

62Q-What is reticular fibers?

63Q-What is fibroblasts?

64Q-What is leukocytes?

65Q-What is mast cells?

66Q-What is macrophages?

67Q-What is adipocytes?

68Q-types of loose connective tissue

69Q-types of dense connective tissue

70Q-types of cartilage

71Q-types of osseous connective tissue

72Q-areolar connective tissue

73Q-areolar connective tissues locations and functions

74Q-adipose connective tissue

75Q-reticular tissue

76Q-dense regular connective tissue

77Q-dense irregular connective tissue

78Q-elastic connective tissue

79Q-What is cartilage?

80Q-What is chondrocytes?

81Q-What is perichondrium?

82Q-What is hyaline cartilage?

83Q-What is elastic cartilage?

84Q-What is fibrocartilage?

85Q-compact bone connective tissue

86Q-What is erythrocytes?

87Q-What is matrix?

88Q-blood connective tissues

89Q-What is mucous membranes?

90Q-What is serous membranes?

91Q-What is cutaneous membranes?

92Q-synovial membranes

93Q-What is endothelium?

94Q-What is hystertrophy?

95Q-What is hyperplasia?

96Q-What is atrophy?

97Q-What is regeneration?

98Q-What is fibrosis?

99Q-4 steps of tissue repair

100Q-inflammation (tissue repair)

101Q-blood clot formation (tissue repair)

102Q-Granulation Tissue forms (tissue repairs)

103Q-epithelial cells begin to multiply (tissue repairs)

104Q-epithelial, bone, areolar, dense connective, and blood tissue regenerate ______

105Q-smooth muscle and dense regular connective tissue have ______ regenerative capabilities

106Q-cardiac muscle and nervous tissue have _____ regenerative ability

107Q-what happens to tissues without the ability to regenerate?


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1Q-What is Tissue? 1A-group of similar cells and cell products that arise from the same region of the embryo and work together to preform a specific structural or physiological role in an organ.

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