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1Q.Benito Mussolini

2Q. Adolf Hitler

3Q. Winston Churchill

4Q. A. Philip Randolph

5Q. Franklin D. Roosevelt

6Q. Joseph Stalin

7Q. Emperor Hirohito

8Q. Hideki Tojo

9Q. Benjamin O. Davis

10Q. Dwight D. Eisenhower

11Q. Harry S. Truman

12Q. George S. Patton

13Q. Chester Nimitz

14Q. Bernard Montgomery

15Q. Douglas MacArthur

16Q. The Bataan Death March caused the death of
A. Soldiers in the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong
B. Thousands of U.S. soldiers in the Pacific Fleet led by Admiral Halsey
C. 600 Americans and thousands of Filipinos
D. General Douglas MacArthur

17Q. This is a system of government in which the government controls every aspect of citizen's lives
A. Totalism
B. Totalitarianism
C. Democracy
D. Fascism

18Q. This is a system of government in which the government is seen as more important than individuals
A. Totalism
B. Totalitarianism
C. Democracy
D. Fascism

19Q. This naval battle in June, 1942 was the turning point of the war in the Pacific—the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers, the Americans one
A. Battle of Coral Sea
B. Battle of Midway
C. Battle of Leyte Gulf
D. Battle of Iwo Jima

20Q. This was the U.S. strategy of recapturing only the most strategically important islands in the Pacific
A. Island Hopping
B. Island Attacking
C. Operation Pacific
D. Operation Philippines

21Q. In May, 1942 the U.S. & Japanese fleet fought to a draw in this battle—the significance of which stopped the Japanese advance in the Pacific
A. Battle of Coral Sea
B. Battle of Midway
C. Battle of Leyte Gulf
D. Battle of Iwo Jima

22Q. This is another name for the German National Socialist Party led by Adolf Hitler
A. Fascist
B. Communist
C. Nazis
D. Neo-Nazis

23Q. Japan, Germany and Italy were collectively know as the
A. Allied Powers
B. Central Powers
C. Triple Entente
D. Axis Powers

24Q. The U.S., Great Britain, and Soviet Union were known as the
A. Allied Powers
B. Central Powers
C. Triple Entente
D. Axis Powers

25Q. This was an African American fighter-pilot group that never lost a Bomber while on escort duty
A. Tuskegee Airmen, aka The Red Tails
B. 100th
C. 442nd
D. Harlem Hellfighters

26Q. This Japanese unit(s) that fought in WWII was the most decorated of any regiment its size
A. Tuskegee Airmen, aka The Red Tails
B. 100th and 442nd Combat Infantry Regiment
C. 504th Combat Engineers
D. Harlem Hellfighters

27Q. The allies developed sonar to hunt and destroy these ships, which sunk a large number of allied ships in the Atlantic Ocean during WWII
A. U-Boats
B. Q-Boats
C. I-Boats
D. E-Boats

28Q. This means "lightning war" and was a tactic introduced by the Germans to quickly defeat most of Europe in 1939-40
A. Krieg
B. Kaput
C. Blitzkrieg
D. Panzer Krieg

29Q. This was known as a policy of avoiding war with an aggressive nation by giving in to its demands
A. Opossum Policy
B. Embargo Policy
C. Total War
D. Appeasement

30Q. To aid the Allies in their fight against the Axis, the U.S. government authorized
A. The Lend-Lease Act
B. The Lease Act
C. The Lend Act
D. The U.S.-Britain Lend Lease Act

31Q. This was a battle for control of the air (air supremacy) in preparation for the invasion of Britain by Germany
A. Battle of Leyte Gulf
B. D-day
C. Battle of Britain
D. Operation Gomorrah

32Q. This event happened on December, 7, 1941—"a date which will live in infamy"—FDR
A. D-Day invasion
B. Battle of Okinawa
C. Hiroshima
D. Attack on Pearl Harbor

33Q. This event happened on June, 6, 1944 on the beaches of Normandy, France and marked the beginning of the liberation of France and the rest of Europe
A. D-day invasion
B. Battle of Okinawa
C. Hiroshima
D. Attack on Pearl Harbor

34Q. Six marines raised the U.S. Flag on Mt. Suribachi during this epic battle in the pacific
A. Battle of Okinawa
B. Battle of Iwo Jima
C. Battle of the Bulge
D. Battle of Stalingrad

35Q. These were the Japanese pilots who crashed planes into American ships in hopes of destroying them
A. Samurai
B. Bushido
C. Kamikaze
D. Bonsai

36Q. The Battle of the ____________________was the largest battle of WWII for the Americans—fought in the winter of 1944 in Belgium near the Ardennes Forest

37Q. The Battle of ____________________(near Japan) took the lives of 80,000 civilians and 110,000 Japanese in 1945.

38Q. The Battle of ____________________ (near the Philippines) was the largest naval battle in history and put the Japanese navy on the defense for the remainder of the war

39Q. In the Battle of ___________________ (in Russia) Hitler refused to allow his troops to withdraw—many died of starvation and cold, over 800,000 Germans and a million Russians died in the fighting

40Q. ____________________were places that Japanese Americans (115,000) were kept shortly after the outbreak of WWII—(executive order 9066)


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1Q.Benito Mussolini 1A-Came to power in Italy in the 1920s and ushered in a fascist government

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