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Biblical and Historical Perspectives

Which of the four gospels in the Bible is the oldest?

  1. We sometimes speak as if the four gospels in the New Testament are the product of four individual authors. What do we mean when we talk about the Marian/Matthias/Lucan/or Johan nine communities?
  2. What are the oldest writings in the Christian New Testament?
  3. In what language was the New Testament originally written?
  4. In what location do we find the original autograph copies of the books of the New Testament?
  5. What are the synoptic gospels and why are they called that?
  6. What are elements of the Roman practice of crucifixion that differ from the accounts given in the New Testament?
  7. What are the earliest accounts of Jesus’ resurrection and why are they significant?
  8. Which gospels in the New Testament contain no infancy narratives?
  9. Which gospels in the New Testament contain infancy narratives?
  10. What is Q?
  11. What is the Gospel of Thomas and why is it important?
  12. In what form is Jesus’ most characteristic teaching in the gospels of the New Testament?
  13. What did Jesus mean by “kingdom of heaven” or “kingdom of God”?
  14. For which social/economic class of people is Jesus most concerned?
  15. According the New Testament gospels, what religion did Jesus practice?
  16. What is the most likely event in the four gospels of the New Testament that might explain why Jesus was crucified?
  17. Which of the four gospels (in their earliest form) in the New Testament contain no resurrection account?
  18. What are some of the features that make the gospel of John different from the other three gospels in the New Testament?
  19. What is the significance of foot washing in the gospel of John in the New Testament?
  20. If the center of the Old Testament is the giving of the law on Mt. Sinai, what is the central covenant of the New Testament?
  21. Why is it surprising that Jesus’ followers came to title him, “Son of (a) God?” who was born of a virgin? How would the pagan Romans of Jesus’ day responded to this?
  22. When the early Christians were persecuted, why did the Romans say “away with the atheists”?
  23. In the study of the New Testament, what is “M” material and “L” material?
  24. What features are probably incorrect the paintings and sculptures of Jesus’ crucifixion?
  25. Why was a cross not a symbol for early Christianity?
  26. What is the Edict of Toleration and what was its effect on the Christian religion?
  27. How does the apostle Paul say he learned about the Lord’s Supper?
  28. What is it about Paul’s writings that are problematic for history and modern Christian interpretation?
  29. Describe Paul’s encounter with Jesus Christ.
  30. What do scholars mean by deuteron-Pauline writings?
  31. What does the term “cosmic Christ” mean in the context of Paul’s New Testament writings?
  32. What is kenosis as it relates to Paul’s theory of the incarnation?
  33. What is the significance of the epistle of James?
  34. How does Plato’s philosophy relate to the epistle to the Hebrews?
  35. Who wrote the epistle to the Hebrews?
  36. What is the purpose (motive) of the writer of the epistle to the Hebrews?
  37. What would you say to someone who attached great significance to symbols and numbers in Revelation?
  38. Why might a modern-day follower of Christianity read Revelation?
  39. Who wrote Revelation? Why do most scholars think it was not the same John who produced the Gospel of John?

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1 Which of the four gospels in the Bible is the oldest? Ans. The gospel of mark is considered as the oldest gospel in bible. It is also rather shorter than other gospels including 16 chapters.

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