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Product code: Human Resource-QA3

Managing change

Individual Assignment – Part 1From the themes/topics discussed in the online group exercise you should be able to extract ideas and issues associated with Managing Change.

Using these ideas as a base, you are to advise the Senior Management of the organisation, which is about to embark upon another change management project, about the potential pitfalls that they may encounter and what steps should be taken to avoid such pitfalls. Included in this presentation you may like to consider the following:-

  • Reasons and forces for organisational change.
  • Processes for managing organisational change.
  • Consequences of change for individuals and groups within and outside the organisation.
  • Illustration of approaches to overcoming resistance to change by the application of theoretical models.
  • Risks and effects of change initiatives on society.

Individual Assignment – Part 2

This will be attempted at the same time as Part 1 and a single combined mark returned for the Individual Assignment as a whole. This single mark represents 40% of the total module mark.

You are required to submit a self-reflection piece outlining what you have learned as a result of doing this module in general, and the assignments in particular. This should in the form of a Word document. The marking matrix for the individual assignment still applies, and you will receive a single combined mark for the individual assignment as a whole.

How should you go about writing a self-reflective piece? Ask yourself the following questions:

How did I go about learning in this module? Was my approach structured? How did I balance my learning in tutorials with self-directed learning outside the class? What did I actually do to aid my learning, e.g. re-reading lectures notes, listening to mp3 files, contributing to Discussion Board, researching online or via Adsetts, face to face discussions etc. Now think in terms of what you have actually learned in terms of change management theory and how to put it into practice - what exactly HAVE you learned? Is this what you thought you would learn? How did carrying out the assignment influence your learning? What lessons will you take from this module into your next module, and into your professional life as a whole?



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Individual Assignment: Part 1 Introduction Change process in an organisation signifies the cessation of the current procedures in a systematic manner and implements a broad range of new set of skills. Prior to execution of a change management process, it is necessary for an organisation to analyse the political and financial impacts of the change externally and internal impact on organisational culture. This report highlights the change management procedures that will be undertaken by Kingdom Bank, UK and probable challenges they may face on implementing changes.

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