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Product code: Literature Review-QA295

Word limit: 1000 words (excluding reference list) For details of penalties, etc. see the course outline.

Topic: English Spelling in Texting/Internet Writing Purposes:

(a) to provide experience in thinking about and exemplifying language data;

(b) thereby to give practice in detailed reading and analysis, including coping with a biased text;

(c) to encourage students to evaluate their reading. Question: Read the article “When Your Punctuation Says It All (!)” in your class notes, and then answer one of the following questions. You must support your answer with references from outside of class.

  1. Consider the use of the comma in English language text messages;


  1. Consider the differences between handwritten spelling and texting/internet spelling.

In either case, discuss the extent to which usage is clear-cut and uncontroversial, and the extent to which usage is confused, optional, or changing.

Note: Remember that some books may be trying to show you that something is simple, while others may be trying to convince you of the complexity of matters; some will be trying to tell the reader what to do, while others will be trying to describe what happens. Take care to avoid saying that particular spellings are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but to talk about things being listed in particular dictionaries, widely used or generally preferred.

Presentation: Remember to underline or italicise words that you use as examples in your text. For example: Both appal and appall are found. Take care to provide evidence to support your beliefs. Remember to provide a list of references. The Linguistics Programme Style Sheet (which can be found in the course notebook and on the Blackboard site for LING101) gives you a model for referring to works, as does the tutorial material. While you are encouraged to use this model, you will not be penalised if you use some other wellestablished model such as APA, as long as you use it consistently and it provides the requisite information. Attach a LING101 cover sheet to your assignment and complete the cover sheet. This can be downloaded from Blackboard.


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This essay is written to analyze the differences between handwritten spelling and current internet texting so as to tell that the usage is clear cut and uncontroversial or it is getting more confusing, optional or changing. With the passing of each era, cries emerge that youngsters are destroying the language with their brand new slang.

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