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Product Code:- Marketing-QA-44

I have new assignment; this assignment must be more practical. I should act, as a General Manager must present to Board of Director a presentation to open a new facility management company in Qatar. Based on this presentation, the decision of hiring you as general manager and invest in this industry will be made. 

Key Topics Covered in the Presentation:

·       Executive Summary (Product Overview)

·       Research Methodology

·       Qatar Facilities Management Market Size by Revenue

·       Recent Project Launches which have Driven the Market

·       Market Segmentation – By Hard and Soft Services; By Integrated Facilities Services, Single Services and Bundled Services; By Outsourced Services and In-house Services.

·       SWOT Analysis for Qatar Facilities Management Market

·       Trends and Developments in Qatar Facilities Management Market

·       Market Share of Facilities Management Players

·       Company Profiles of Major Facilities Management Market Players

·       FM Services Cost Analysis

·       Competitive Landscape for Qatar Facility Management Market

·       Vendor Selection Criteria in Qatar Facility management Market

·       Qatar Facility Management Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2017 – 2021

·       Macro-Economic Factors Impacting Qatar Facilities Management Market

·       Differentiation of our new FM company

·       The Sales and Marketing strategy and approach to get FM contracts in Qatar

·       Sales Forecast (by numbers)

·       New FM company Vision, Mission and Core Values

·       GM Strategic Recommendation


Objective of the Presentation:

  • To evaluate and forecast facility management in Qatar, in terms of value
  • To categorize the market on the basis of service, application, and region
  • To understand major policy and regulations which can positively or negatively impact Qatar facility management market
  • To identify major drivers, challenges and trends of Qatar facility management market
  • To identify and profile major companies in Qatar facility management market




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CAGR of more than 8% for the period of 2017-2022 Growing focus towards green building and environmental facility Upcoming big mega events such as FIFA World cup 2022 Rapid infrastructure developments Increasing number of malls and hotels and other commercial buildings More merger and acquisition activities Influx of foreign players and investors

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