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1Q-Lisa applied for a third-party life insurance policy

2Q-Life insurance administration includes a wide variety of activities requiring specialized expertise and processes. Consider the following insurance administration activities:
Activity A- Assess and classify the degree of risk represented by a proposed insured or group with respect to a specific insurance product.
Activity B- Make a decision concerning the acceptance of a risk for an insurance policy.

3Q-Insurance administration staff typically coordinate many aspects of their work with other functions of an insurance company. One such function is the accounting function, which typically has primary responsibility for

4Q-The following statement can correctly be made about the customer experience:
A. Employees who work in non-customer-facing areas do not have an impact on the customer experience.
B. Customers have the best end-to-end experience when all operational areas of the company share the same goal of meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

5Q-For this question, select the answer choice containing the terms that correctly complete the blanks labeled A and B in the following paragraph.
The customer journey is the path each individual customer travels with a company. Under this model, all points of contact with a customer are known as A._________________, which a company can use to create a customer journey map. Mapping customer journeys allows a company to identify real or imagined problems for the customer that the company plans to solve. These problems are known as B.___________________.

6Q-The following statement can correctly be made about challenges that companies face when implementing customer experience management measures:

A. Changing to a customer-centric culture is a slow process that can take a company months or even years to achieve.
B. Most newer information systems focus on maintaining customer information in "silos," a practice that reduces information sharing between operational areas.

7Q-Equity in risk acceptance means that an insurer should charge all applicants for comparable policies the same premium rate

7A-The flowing statements are about an insurer's ethical duties to customers. Three statements are true, and one statement is false. Select the answer choice containing the false statement.



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1Q-Lisa applied for a third-party life insurance policy 1A-Lisa Bailey applied to the Terminus Insurance Company for an insurance policy on the life of her husband, Mark. Lisa named her son, Derek, as the person who will receive the policy benefit. Terminus issued the policy. One correct statement about this situation is that

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