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The objective of this assignment is to enhance individual student’s skills in developing a marketing plan in the context of a small business.



Assignment 2 requires you to develop a marketing plan specific to an identified small business in Yemen. In order to assist you in develop a marketing plan you are required to:


1. Identify THREE (3) investment opportunities for a small business that would be a profitable venture in Yemen at the current scenario. Justify your reasons.

2. Choose an existing small business in Yemen from the THREE(3) investment opportunities

identified and conduct the following:

a. Conduct a market analysis by first examining the consumer profile. It is suggested that you

examine the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies that is implemented by your

selected small business.

b. Develop a marketing strategy suitable to be implemented at the existing small business you

have identified.



The purpose of this assignment is to enhance individual student’s skills in identifying issues and challenges in becoming an entrepreneur in the context of small business management.




Conduct a literature review on small business in Yemen up to the year 2017. The literature review should address the following issues:

1. Definition of small business in Yemen’s context (how it has evolved) and the importance of small business to Yemen’s economy.

2. A review of government agencies or departments related to small business by elaborating on their roles and forms of assistance given.

3. Past, present, and future of small business in Yemen in terms of type of venture, value and


4. The issues and challenges that many small businesses face and strategies (if any) that many

small business owners use to overcome these challenges. Support your writings by using

literature that you have found.



Additional Guidelines/Assignment Format

Your assignment needs to have be structured with a title, paragraph headings, paragraph subheadings (if any) and a table of contents.

  • Your assignment can include in-text citation and a reference list. Reference list can be as appendix and needs to follow APA style. Reference list will not be included in the word limit.
  • All submitted assignments will go through online plagiarism software check.
  • Please check on the meaning of plagiarism, refer to OUM resources and various websites which discuss the matter.

Product code: Marketing-QA120

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The importance of SMEs (Small and medium sized enterprises) has been increasing in various developed as well as developing countries due to its huge contribution towards the national economy of the country. This contribution has been increasing largely due to the strategic significance within developing various industrial sectors across the world. This assignment mainly aims at enhancing the skills of students in determining the challenges and issues while becoming an entrepreneur in a small business’s context. Arabian Yemen Cement Company Ltd has been chosen for conducting this study.

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