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Product code: Marketing-QA260

Assigned Company: PROCTER& GAMBLE

What is the strategic management process for  PROCTER& GAMBLE?

What is the strategic management process?

Strategy formulation

The process of creating strategy. Involves assessing existing strategies, organization, and environment to develop new strategies and strategic plans capable of delivering future competitive advantage


  • What is our business mission?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What do our customers consider value?
  • What have been our results?
  • What is our plan


Strategy implementation

The process of allocating resources and putting strategies into action.

All organizational and management systems must be mobilized to support and reinforce the accomplishment of strategies.


Analysis of mission:

The reason for an organization’s existence.

 Good mission statements identify:

  • Customers
  • Products and/or services
  • Location
  • Underlying philosophy An important test of the mission is how well it serves the organization’s stakeholders.


Analysis of values:

Values are broad beliefs about what is or is not appropriate.


Strong core values for an organization helps build institutional identity, gives character and it backs up the mission statement


Organizational culture reflects the dominant value system of the organization as a whole.


Analysis of objectives: Operating objectives direct activities toward key and specific performance results. Typical operating objectives:

  • Profitability
  • Market share from 2015 up to date
  •  Human talent
  •  Financial health from 2015 up to date
  •  Cost efficiency
  • Product quality
  • Innovation
  •  Social responsibility

What are our Strengths?

  • Manufacturing efficiency?
  • Skilled workforce?
  • Good market share?
  • Strong financing?
  • Superior reputation?


What are our Weaknesses

  • Outdated facilities?
  • Inadequate research and development?
  • Obsolete technologies? Weak management?
  • Past planning failures?

Analysis of organizational resources and capabilities: Important goal of assessing core competencies.

 Potential core competencies:

  • Special knowledge or expertise.
  • Superior technology.
  • Efficient manufacturing approaches.
  •  Unique product distribution systems.

What are our Opportunities?

  • Possible new markets?
  • Strong economy?
  • Weak market rivals?
  • Emerging technologies?
  • Growth of existing market?



What are our Threats?

  • New competitors?
  • Shortage of resources?
  • Changing market tastes?
  • New regulations?
  • Substitute products

Analysis of industry and environment:

Assessment of macro environment:

  • Technology.
  • Government.
  • Social structures and population demographics.
  • Global economy.
  •  Natural environment.

Analysis of industry environment:

  •  Resource suppliers.
  • Competitors.
  • Customers.


  • Management and Competence Development: the concept of developing a corporate competency framework
  • Management and Culture: to learn how a manager can influence and shape organizational culture.
  • The project should be minimum of 2000 words, using one and a half spaced, 12 point Times New Roman fontwith one-inch margins on all sides. Diagrams and charts are encouraged (ex. Org charts, financials, stock performance, etc.) but will not be counted towards the word count of the project citation and references must follow APA



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Strategy Assignment Outline Introduction (800 words): In this section we will cover following things: Back Ground

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