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Product Code: Project-Management-AW366


In addition to the recently completed headquarters for the firm, the managerial team for rapidly growing TBE Inc.has decided to build a second building to house the firm’s ever increasing staff.  To complete the building so that the management staff could be in their new offices relatively soon, William Stort, the VP of Facilities who had overall responsibility for the project’s completion, decided to apply some project management techniques.  This required that he research all the various activities that were required as part of this project and understand how they were related.  Assume that today’s date is February 1st, 2015.


Note: Prepare your submission assuming that you are the project leader and that you are providing this information to the project manager and project team at a project “kick-off” meeting.  Thus, a professional appearance and clear and concise responses (explaining your answers and showing relevant calculations) are required.


  1. Completed Activity Table

Activity Table (template attached) with “Immediate Predecessors” and “Crash Cost per Week” columns completed. It is expected that each person in your group complete this step individually prior to meeting together to discuss differences.



  1. Work Breakdown Structure

Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure for the construction of the administrative building. You should use all of the tasks the case has described as well as adding at least 10 of your own. It is NOT expected that the WBS be in MS Project, a Microsoft Word document is sufficient. The WBS should not exceed 1 page. Use either an indented or tree format.  The additional tasks are for this question only.


  1. Path Identification

Identify the paths and the length (in weeks) of each path.  Specifically identify the critical path(s).



  1. Project Duration & Cost

What are the project duration and overall cost in which the building can be occupied by management staff under normal times and costs?


  1. Project Crashing

William is considering completing this project in the shortest time possible.  What is the fastest the project can be completed, and the associated costs of that approach (without incurring any unnecessary costs)? Your solution must indicate the step by step(one week at a time) order and duration of the ‘crashing’ of activities so that the board can choose their preferred combination of cost and schedule.


  1. Complete project by January 1st? For public “optics” of project progress, the board of directors was interested in having the project complete by January 1st, 2016.  Would this be possible?  If so, how much would the project cost?


  1. Activity Delay

After receiving approval from the board in the normal time, William ran into problems obtaining the necessary building permits.  The land on which the building is planned to be built on was recently zoned as residential.  As a result, a re-zoning approval had to accompany the building permits.  This re-zoning approval required an additional two weeks to obtain.  If William wants to complete the project in the original “normal” time determined in Question #5, what specific actions must he know take to minimize costs while still completing the building as originally scheduled?


  1. Project Triangle

Recognizing that the company is growing at a rapid rate and may need the additional space offered by the new building sooner than they expect, the board of directors is considering providing additional funding for the project.  The board would like to know how a potential “budget increase” of a few hundred thousand dollars could impact the other aspects of the project. Assume the project has recently begun and is progressing at the normal schedule pace.









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Product Code: Project-Management-AW366

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