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Product code: Project management-BH23


Re-assessment Information


If you are required to complete a re-sit assessment for this module, please ensure you are aware of the assessment as it will be different to the original assessment.


Type of assessment

Word or time limit

% of Total Mark

Submission method

Final Submission Date




End Term Assignment

3000 words


In hard copy


31stJuly 2017 by 2pm


1.1.1Re-assessment for Element 010 – End Term Assignment (100%)




You are to read through the Project Management case study below and assume the role of the new Chief Project Planning Manager responsible for project planning methods for all projects at Omni Build PLC. You are reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Your role in this case study is to find out why the HR initiative, implemented three years ago, failed and led to increasing losses for the company.

Project Management made easy!



Project overview


You have successfully finished an internship at a small company ‘Nextorg’ with 25 employees. The company works as a supplier of project management services for other companies.


 For example, a typical project could be to organise an event for a large company such as a trade fair, an open day for customers, or product shows. The Managing Director was impressed by your attitude and business skills. He asked you if you were interested in helping the company to develop an improved project methodology under the theme of


As you like the culture and get along quite well with the other employees in Nextorg, you accept the offer.

As a starting point, the Managing Director asks you to write a business report where you compare some project techniques and make a recommendation.


Your report is expected to serve as an input for a new project management (PM) approach to attract new customers to Nexfor who require a systematic and effective PM methodology.




Although your report is time critical, a 6 month period is given to prepare, before presenting it to your new colleagues. Please consider progress meetings or other milestones as part of your time planning.




A total project budget of £5,000 is considered appropriate and sufficient. This sum is intended to cover all costs to finish your report including literature, seminars and travel costs.


The only costs this budget would not cover would be the salaries of colleagues seconded full or part-time to support you. They would draw their salaries exactly as usual with no impact on your budget.





Personnel allocated for your study are: a project secretary with a salary at £ 50 per hour, and consultants from PM Consultancy Ltd at £ 100 per hour or 800 per day.


The implementation of the “PM made easy” solution


Work for your report should start immediately. Please elaborate on the following issues as preparation for the future implementation of your recommendations:


In the role of the Project Manager you are required to develop a report (including academic references) of approximately 2,500 words in length and not exceeding 3000 words.  Your report should be structured along the following lines:


Part A – General overview (60%) – approx. 2,500 words


Select two different methodologies for project management and compare and critically evaluate the limitations of each methodology, selecting one as a preferred approach.


Discuss what steps can be taken to improve the overall performance of project management in Nexfor and explore the processes involved in implementing such a new methodology. In addition, justify the key measures and tactics required to measure the success of your recommendation?


Part B – Project Planning (20%) – Gantt Chart report (added explanations approx. 250 words)


Given the importance of your report, develop a one-page project plan in Gantt chart form (as if the project had not commenced) for the 6 month duration.


You can use project planning software (such as MS Project) for this part.  The chart should clearly indicate the critical tasks and the planned end date but ignore progress and resources at this point. Include the Gantt chart as appendix Part B.1. 


Suggest any tactical options to reduce the project duration to 5 months and with this in mind, update your planning and include a second updated Gantt chart as Appendix Part B.2.


Part C – Budget creation (20%) – Excel report (added explanations approx. 250 words)


Assuming that the project will run perfectly to the schedule outlined by you in Part B.1 with all contract personnel working as defined on the tasks indicated, generate an overall budget planning for your report using project planning software (such as MS Project).


Create budget positions, within the overall budget limit of £5,000,for:


Travel costs,

Literature and’’

Other activities (e.g. training).

Show all calculations and totals via suitable report formats and include as Appendix Part C.1.


When you discuss the agreed total project budget for your report on your first day with the Managing Director, he asks that you prepare an alternative budget plan where you show how a 15% increase of total costs can be justified in terms of additional benefits for customers.


Show all calculations and totals via suitable report formats, and include as Appendix Part C.2.


Please note that part A should be approximately 2,500 words in length and explanatory notes supporting the creation of information using MS Project (Parts B and C) should be approximately 500 words in length.

Download Questions

The following report will highlight all the different aspects of project management. A critical comparison of two different project methods will be given in order to select the appropriate one. All the aspects such as cost management, time management will be given in the report. In support of the developed project, a time schedule management chart and budget plans will also be provided in the report.

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