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The following points will help you organize the format of your evaluative report when considering the concepts and theories that could provide the foundation for a sound business proposal.

  1. Table of Contents


  1. Overview
    1. An introduction to the concept of a small New Zealand business scenario
    2. A brief overview ofeach  section of the report.

Approx. 200 words


  1. Concepts and theories of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity

In this section you will define and explain how the following concepts relate to your New Zealand small business scenario:

  1. Entrepreneurship;
  2. Small business in the New Zealand context;
  3. Innovation and Creativity; and

Approx. 400 words

  1. Analyse the impact of internal and external environments from a variety of angles, including SWOT or PESTEL analyses, in context of risk management

By applying common practical investigation/research methods, your discussion will include either:

  1. A definition of SWOT analysis within the context of the scenario; and
  2. Ananalysis of the impact of internal and external environmentsusing SWOT analysis within the context of the scenario;
    1. A defininition of PESTEL analysis within the context of the scenario; and
    2. Application of the PESTEL  tool, to analyse the internal and external environments within the context of the scenario.

Approx. 500 words



  1. Discuss selected management principles and practices which support the operational problem-solving and decision making of the business scenario.

In this discussion identify broader issues that will impact the business scenarioby applying common practical investigation/research skills. You may discuss;

  • Marketing strategy
  • Proposed sales techniques
  • Operationa planning
  • Financial projections
  • Intellectual property analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Business models
  • Budgeting approaches


Approx. 600 words


  1. Apply practical investigation/research methods within the context of the New Zezaland small business scenario.

This will include:

  1. A definition and proposed vision for the business scenario
    1. A definition and proposedmission for the business scenario
    1. A brief feasibility study/analysis
    1. Unique selling point proposal

Approx. 600 words


  1. Conclusion

To include:

Recommendations for the most appropriate practices of planning, organising, leading and controlling a small business supported by concepts, theories and best practice.


Summarise the main issues identified from the perspective of the ways in which concepts and theories impact the planning and implementation of a New Zealand small business proposal.

                                                                                          Approx. 200 words


  1. References
  2. Appendices (if any)





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Executive summary The small business of Doggies day-care needs a proper business environment to establish and satisfy the customers with their service. The proper analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, legal as well as environmental aspects is needs for the proper running of the business in the market. It is essential for the company to check the customer demand for the service or product launched in a particular area. Hence it has been identified that marketing is necessary for the effective execution of the business strategies before operating in the market. The market scenario of all the countries is not the same and hence it is important for the business to ensure that they will select the correct marketing approaches. Introduction The process of setting up a small business in New Zealand needs to be very systematic and planned. The business needs to, first of all, identify the demand of the people in the market. The business of Doggies day-care needs to be very calculative while investing their resources in the different aspects, as there lays uncertainty to the business. The adaptation of the innovative ideas might be in the service or in the marketing strategies is necessary for the execution of the business of Doggies day-care in New Zealand.

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